Gwyneth Paltrow Dishes on Her New Film 'Mortdecai'

The Oscar winner talks about her new role and appearing alongside Johnny Depp.
4:56 | 01/14/15

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Transcript for Gwyneth Paltrow Dishes on Her New Film 'Mortdecai'
We are back now with our dear friend and Oscar winner, Gwyneth paltrow. She stars -- you've got to see this movie -- "Mortdecai." The wife of a quirky art dealer played by Johnny Depp. We have a to show you introducing you to his new, well, you'll see, mustache. The mane of his upper lip -- You have five minutes to shave it off. Every mortdecai man before me had the same. Why can't I? I've become terribly fond of it and I have had every intention of seeing it through. Jock. Yes, madam. Please make up the guest bedroom for Mr. Mortdecai. He said, I already have. Please welcome Gwyneth paltrow back here to our little humble studio. Thank you. Always enjoy seeing you. I had so much fun -- I needed that, to watch the movie last night. It's escapism and talk about the mustache first. There were like stunt doubles -- not stunt doubles but doubles for the mustache. Triples and quadruples. In the makeup trailer there were a million lined up. Johnny Depp had something to do with the design of them. Johnny is like -- he's a true genius and when he works he envisions the whole thing and the music I wants to hear in his trailer and the look so he did the blond and the mustache and it was very funny. Let's bring everybody up to speed on it. His character is a lovable schemer. You're his wife. Clever and everything so what drew you to this role and just tell a little more about it. You know, I read the script and I thought it was roo really funny. It's a very -- I could see how it was going to be hilarious and stylish and frothy and a real escape and I'd always wanted to work with Johnny Depp and I am so lucky that they asked me to do it because he is extraordinary and I don't know. It was wonderful. Such a great, fun experience. How did you not crack up doing some of these scenes? I did. I ruined -- there's one scene where he tries to kiss me and I gagged because he has the mustache and I think I ruined like 15 takes. At the end I was squeezing my nails into my hand to stop laughing because he is so funny. It just seems like he was going off script a lot. He had to, ad-libbing it. I really appreciate your character, Gwyneth, you're his wife, intelligent, smart, clever and you always seem to be just one step ahead of him, right? Yes, I mean, one of the things that I love about the movie is kind of the metaphor that the mustache is. In the marriage it's kind of like this obstacle they're both trying to make their way around and she's a very clever woman and but she's also really -- loves him so much and is so supportive she's just kind of smarter than he is. I love the ending. I don't want to give it away but cute there in the tub. You've always been very strong and very outspoken. A beautiful cover story that you did for "Harper's bazaar" magazine and said in essence, sometimes women, we can be our own worst enemy. How do we get beyond that and stop that from happening? It's tough. In a lot of ways I feel our culture sets us up to make us competitive and to pit us against one another and I think, you know, essentially to be feminine is to be loving of other women and forgiving of ourselves and the more that we forgive ourself, the more loving we can be of other women because there's not projection and jealousy which I've suffered from. We all have. It's all part of it but, you know, the older that I get, the more that I see how important it is, you know, it's like my women friends have had my whole life and they're the relationships that see you through. You know, women are just so important to one another. Yeah, they're always there right there by you. You are so dedicated to this. I saw you watching the Pinterest segment. You always like looking for little tips but do you have any major projects later for that? We do. We have a very exciting 2015 coming up at the website we have. We're doing our own little line of clothing like capsule collection of clothing and other exciting projects we'll be announcing soon so it's been a lot of fun if we ran out of time. We were going to do a goop gap and had some really good questions. It just want to ask one. What's your number one go to kids' dinner. Number one is probably like tortilla, guacamole, black bean, rice. You got a couple -- you can never miss with that. No, never. Takes ten minutes and it's great. Go right to it. Gwyneth, thank you very much. Thank you so much for having me. Great year ahead, 2015. That's what we were joking about coming out. Very excited about the new year. "Mortdecai," we're excited about this opens in theaters nationwide, Friday, January 23rd.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The Oscar winner talks about her new role and appearing alongside Johnny Depp.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28216705","title":"Gwyneth Paltrow Dishes on Her New Film 'Mortdecai'","url":"/GMA/video/gwyneth-paltrow-dishes-film-mortdecai-28216705"}