Gyrocopter Pilot Reveals Motivation Behind Dangerous Stunt

Doug Hughes flew his aerial vehicle into no-fly zone and landed on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol.
4:00 | 04/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gyrocopter Pilot Reveals Motivation Behind Dangerous Stunt
We're going to turn now to our ABC news exclusive with that man who landed his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn. Here's brand-new footage of his flight. Doug Hughes, this is from his perspective, racing down the runway last Wednesday. Taking off from gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Only 150 feet up in the air, you can see D.C. In the distance below him as he makes his approach. This is not good, people. Reporter: The 61-year-old lands right on the west lawn of the capitol all to deliver a political statement about campaign finance reform. He's facing four years in jail, house arrest in Florida today. His daughter is standing by his dad I was just down right proud. He's a patriot, you know, he did it for the country. Reporter: Was this the right way to sfashg a movement? Doug Hughes join us now from his home in Florida. Thank you for joining us this morning. Have you gotten any closer to the capitol, you would have been shot, was it worth? I landed right on the front lawn. The chairman of the house, homeland security Michael Mccaul said, they were prepared to shoot you. I was a mailman, I was delivering the mail, I don't think that the government is going to shoot a 61-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle who's not -- You know the security fears have been real for a long time. Well, I made every effort to notify the administration ahead of time of my to flight and who I was and that I wasn't threatening anyone. When did you become so passionate about the issue of money in politics? I think almost everybody feels that there's corruption in congress, I think people have a gut feeling that congress isn't working for them. I think that goes across party lines completely. It's necessary to bring national attention to the problem of corruption in congress as the first too step of solving it. What did it feel like flying toward the capitol? Did you feel your message was getting through and what was going through your mind? At the time that I was flying up the capitol mall and it was a huge thrill, I wasn't worried about getting shot down, I was worried about my flying and I was getting focused on making my landing and I think that's the same thing every pilot does when they're making a final approach. You're now on administrative leave from your job, you're facing possible punishment, so was it worth it? It's up to the American people to decide whether or not they're going to catch the ball that I threw. If they pick this up it's in their power to fix the problem and then it's worth it even if I lose my job, even if I go to jail. And what's next for you? This morning I'm going to get fixed with a gps bracelet. I get to go home and I'm confined here, except for a hearing that happens in two weeks. Depending on the outcome of that, there should be a trial after that. Will you be in a gyro copter again? I don't think they'll release the aircraft to be. Thank you. He's got a quirky sense of humor. Indiaeed. Going to switch gears to a mysterious disappearance to a

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{"id":30441276,"title":"Gyrocopter Pilot Reveals Motivation Behind Dangerous Stunt","duration":"4:00","description":"Doug Hughes flew his aerial vehicle into no-fly zone and landed on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol.","url":"/GMA/video/gyrocopter-pilot-reveals-motivation-dangerous-stunt-30441276","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}