Hail, Flooding Across the Midwest

Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across America.
2:28 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Hail, Flooding Across the Midwest
To this severe weather from Texas all the way up to the midwest take a look at the hail that fell in Missouri we got this. Picture from our friends -- -- BR that's our affiliate in Missouri and in Texas. One town that nearly a year's worth of rain in one day houses destroyed people rescued out of their cars and dangers been covering it all -- good morning. Take that money TC right behind me this -- of color will misrepresent how much rain found last 24 hours the green gets up to about four inches so. Two to four and then -- six. And even a little bit more here eight plus in this Redd just north of Joplin -- a lot of places picking up 89 inches in southwest Missouri and it happened fast that was the problem look at these numbers eagle pass Texas that's where we saw big issues going into the weekend. Seventeen that's almost as much as they get. In the year. They got the boy yeah. A flash flood emergency across the midwest water surging through yards here near Springfield Missouri it nearly swallowed this SUV. A nearby soccer field no more after -- much as nine inches of rain fell in just five dollars. -- With the floods severe storms winds up to seventy miles per hour knocking out power to hundreds of homes. -- bad is so very very. While roads became a drenched battleground for drivers in Kansas City. Children and Joplin -- down their street. In Wyoming Colorado hail pounded the pavement visibility on the roads nearly zero. And in south Texas this weekend officers were waist and even chest deep in water at least ninety water rescues and 300 people in shelters in eagle pass. As the Rio Grande bled into the streets drowning this city park and a golf course. This man saving neighbors by kayak. Photograph evidence going way out their put him in there. And -- -- and in just keep going and you've only known in the period was going Natalie. Across town too much water main legal bills gas station overhang. All leftovers of a storm. That dropped almost a year's worth of rain in just 36 hours. And the forecast unfortunately some heavy -- still moving now to the east look at -- bull's -- for the two to three inches that includes Nashville parts of western Kentucky. And Springfield all the way to Memphis still -- that one to even two inches -- -- the rain not done with them yet more flooding concerns and severe weather yesterday this -- Kansas City airport not pretty.

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{"id":19413591,"title":"Hail, Flooding Across the Midwest","duration":"2:28","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across America.","url":"/GMA/video/hail-flooding-midwest-19413591","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}