6 Tips to Keep Hair Looking Youthful

Beauty expert Gretta Monohan reveals the dos and don'ts of hair-care for those over 30.
2:32 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for 6 Tips to Keep Hair Looking Youthful
you need to know to keep your hair looking fresh, young and shiny. Bianna, an article in "the wall street journal" getting to the root of the new breakthrough in hair products. Get it. Well, I checked them out. ♪ when it comes to cosmetic concerns, these days women from 18 to 80 have a lot more to worry about than just those mean wrinkles. Pores are huge. My nails suck. Reporter: But for some it's the look of their aging locks can make them want to curl up and die. Women usually noticing of THEIR HAIR IN THEIR LATE 30s AND Then it gets progressively less dense in each decade. Reporter: Fortunately there are some things women can do to help stop or reverse the appearance of aging so to get to the root of this issue we caught up with beauty expert greta monaghan at new york's angelo david salon. DURING YOUR 30s AND 40s I Would recommend a thickening agent. Something you would put on wet hair. This is going to give you a much thicker lusher feeling. Reporter: For women of all ages monaghan recommends restorative oils like this one from l'oreal. A beauty bargain only costing about 7 bucks. They range in price. Tell us what they do. Drying or part of the drying process, I would spray it on and get that high shine back to my hair but also ats a protective element. Reporter: That covers the HAIR DOs. But what about the hair don't ASK, DON'T TELLs. One of the mostage daing things they do is what ivan is doing right now, putting it up in a turban. When it's wet it's at its weakest point. Loosening up. Putting the hair in a ponytail, clips, headbands, any time we are moving the air in the opposite direction we're risking stretching or snapping the hair. Reporter: Another tip, keep our cool. Trying to avoid using straighteners and curling irons every day and don't be afraid to part ways. Just switching up the wayou part your hair can decrease stress on the follicles. That's a good tip. Great tips and you know something I was actually talking to greta about was hormone changes women go through after i hajake my hair starting falling out and growing back in a different texture. Another point she made not taboo to wear hairpieces or extensions. I wore them for my wedding. A lot on the red carpet. So many people do. Absolutely. Any tips for grays? Just curious. Nice try. We'll talk. We'll talk. Outside, the boys are

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{"id":18888285,"title":"6 Tips to Keep Hair Looking Youthful","duration":"2:32","description":"Beauty expert Gretta Monohan reveals the dos and don'ts of hair-care for those over 30.","url":"/GMA/video/hair-care-tips-hair-young-healthy-18888285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}