Sam Champion Pays Homage to King Joffrey of 'Game of Thrones' for 2013 Buzzy Awards

Champion suits up for the role of a lifetime, the feared King of the House of Baratheon.
7:44 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Sam Champion Pays Homage to King Joffrey of 'Game of Thrones' for 2013 Buzzy Awards
We are back, with the "gma" buzzy awards. A halloween celebration of the moments we've all been talking about this year. The big winners so far, "scandal's" olivia pope won best-dressope. And george clooney as matt kowalski flew off as leading man you would most like to be tethered to. That was a very emotional moment. Time, now, for our next award. This is a hotly-contested category. Best "gma" to a buzzy role in tv or film. So many contenders. Hard to narrow it down. We have five challenges. The nominees are. Josh elliott, defining liberty and equality for one and for all, nailing the title role in "lincoln." Sam champion, seven kingdoms to his name and never far from his sword as king joffrey in "game of thrones." Robin roberts, as elliot in steven spielberg's "e.T." Not so high, man. Lara spencer. She is sexy and knows it with her own smokin' spin on "magic mike." And george stephanopoulos, a handsomely convincing george clooney as matt king in "the descend descendants." Wow. As you can see, it was tough. But alas, there can be only one winner taking the buzzy. Will be -- sam champion as king joffrey in "game of thrones." I'm being told sam has to come to us via satellite. Sam? Oh, hello. As the powerful and fair king of the ruler of the seven kingdoms, I say victory is mine, again. I faced many worthy rivals. And iv vanquished them all. Abe, I would have doubted our honesty. And "magic mike," what I've seen, is hardly magical. So, I toast myself with this bottle of mead, as should you all, and proclaim king joffrey, and now, owner of a proud buzzy. Thank you so much. Sam clearly felt he needed to stay in character to accept the award. We're glad. Puzzled, but glad that he did. Now, let's go on to the next award. A very buzzy one, indeed. Sensational in every meaning of the world. It's the 50 shades of hairspray award. Can't wait to find out who the nominees are. Matt damon, michael douglas and rob lowe, a perfectly poofy trio in hbo's "behind the candelabra." And I personally support the entire austrian rhinestone business. Oprah win free as gloria gaines in "the butler." You have everything you have because of that butler. And the legend continues, ron burgundy, quaffed and classier than ever in "anchorman 2." Hey, america. Did you miss my hot breath in your ear? So much jell. So little time. Who will take the prize? The winner of the 50 shades of hairspray award -- oh. Ron burgundy. Oh. Come on. Oh. There you go, buddy. Thank you, young fella. You're all very kind. I simply had no idea that i would be so -- who are we kidding? Of course, it was going to be me. It was always going to be me. I would, though, like to thank all of the classy folks out there, the people who helped me be here. Obviously, I want to thank my dedicated news team, brian fontana is on a deep undercover assignment right now at a woman's prison. Champ couldn't make it. There is one person with whom i could not have won this. The rock of my life, my biggest cheerleader. And that, of course, not you, brick, no. Not you. In related news, I was named brick's legal guardian. But that's a whole other thing. I do just want to thank, the love of my life, my co-anchor, miss veronica corningstone. good evening, america. I'm veronica corningstone. I love you too much. Veronica, can I -- I need this more than you do. Oh, my god. It's real. There you go. Don't worry, brick. Everyone's a winner this morning. Most everyone. Next award, these great performances relied on a little something extra. That's really strong. I thought that was going to be apple juice. In the category for most creative use of a large-scale prop, the nominees are -- really tv star, kim kardashian and her once burgeoning baby bump. Swinging and wrecking it like none other, miley cyrus. ♪ I came in like a wrecking ball ♪ and it's a cat dressed like a shark chasing a duck on a roomba. Oh, yes. Three very different kind of reality with those nominees. Let's see who takes the buzzy. The winner is miley cyrus. Watch out, here she comes. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. My favorite moment of the year. It's my love of construction equipment and my passion. My passion for adult teddy bears. And I just want y'all to remember, you're number one. Yeah. There you go. Take it. Thank you. Wow. Just swinging over here. Imagine those props. Miley on a roomba. And a star-studded show, with so many winners. Thanks to the lovely and talented model, heidi de la ROSA. Stop roaming back and forth. See you all after the buzzy after-party.

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{"id":20738475,"title":"Sam Champion Pays Homage to King Joffrey of 'Game of Thrones' for 2013 Buzzy Awards","duration":"7:44","description":"Champion suits up for the role of a lifetime, the feared King of the House of Baratheon.","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-2013-good-morning-america-sam-champion-wears-20738475","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}