Halloween's Hottest Stars Glam Up Times Square for the 2013 Buzzy Awards

'GMA' anchors transform into Ryan Seacrest and Oprah Winfrey to roll out the red carpet.
7:05 | 10/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween's Hottest Stars Glam Up Times Square for the 2013 Buzzy Awards
Welcome to the first and depending how this goes, annual "gma" buzzy awards. The celebration of all of the moments that got us buzzing during year. The stars are out. In times square, you'll see them accepting awards and walking the red carpet. Let's check in on all of the glamour with my good friend, ryan seacrest. Take it away, ryan. I am ryan seacrest, up in the skybox at "gma's" incredible 2013 buzzy awards. The stars are coming out in full-on glamour mode. We're taking it all in. In fact, right now, here comes one of the buzziest of them all, oprah. In her role as gloria gayner, from the hit movie "the butler." Get over here. You look amazing. I feel it. I feel it. I just think it's one of many awards that oprah will be receiving. Absolutely. I am envisioning lots of awards. I'm not double jointed in the hips as you are. Let's talk as we dance. Who are you wearing? I am wearing a little of this. A little of that. I'M GOING BACK TO THE '70s. Are you the butler? You look like the butler. Where's the butler? Where's the butler? I don't know who the butler is. The butler is not in attendance. Thank you very much. You look sharp. We had this specially designed. Any "soul train" I can go to? Let me get it down to giuliana rancic on the red carpet. Thanks, ryan. That's right. On the red carpet at "gma's" 2013 buzzy awards. Definitely the buzz. The stars that are already making their way down this carpet. But it's brad pitt, and how about gwyneth paltrow. Scarlett johansson looking gorgeous as ever. Can you think of anyone else, guys? All right. Why don't we jump right into things. Right now, I cannot wait to chat with our first guest. She's got me roaring with delight. How about a little katy perry? Oh, my gosh. Wow. I love you all. Oh, my gosh. Looking great. How are you? I made these. Isn't that the best song ever? It is. I hate to toot my own horn. But "roar" is the song of the year. And I happen to be at my favorite morning show. Thanks for having me. Let's talk about this spear, young lady. You know how hard this was to get this tsa-approved. But anything for "good morning america," the number one morning show, I'll do anything. Fly cross-country with a spear for you. Awesome. The album, record-breaking sales. How do you do it, young lady? The skirt. It all comes from the skirt. It's all in the skirt. We collaborate. We sit together at night and write music. Awesome. It's really for my fans. Let's go inside ryan seacrest in the skybox. Really heating up down there, clearly. Look who is coming at me now. Is that uncle si? Hey, hey. I sting like a butterfly, punch like a flea. Uncle si's in the house. You look real nice. As do you. This is a cammo tuxedo. I'm a little peckish. You got any snacks? I have jerky. You dig around in there. You look nice. You are wearing a lot in that outfit. You need something. Yeah. I brought you something. If you want to truly be part of the family. Let's do it. O brothers. I do. And I got you one to match your tuxedo. That's brilliant. If you wouldn't mind, I feel your outfit is complete. Gulianna, back down to you now. Ryan, this duo is so buzzy. It is the baby bump. It's kim kardashian and kanye west. Hello you two. Very nice. It kind of looks like kim is capturing the moment, I guess. Can you take a picture of us real quick? Who are you again? Gulianna. Just really quick. Thanks. Yeah. For kimye. You're going to win an award. Let me -- hold on. Hold on. Let me ask you that. I am the steve jobs of pop culture. You know what I'm saying? I'm the steve jobs of -- I'm the george stephanopoulos of rap music. I'm enrico of splendor. Where is the culture? Talented. All right. Let's go to ryan up in the skybox. They're heading towards you. Wow. Things just got real here. McELMORE IS ON THE RED CARPET Right now. In full-on thrift shop mode. He just flew in for the buzzys. I need help for my next guest. Shockingly, I'm joined by somebody who has more than a century of buzz to his name. President abraham lincoln. What an honor. What do you hope to get out of the buzzys? Well, ryan, tonight, I hope to ignite the world of pop culture, where a-listers and breakout stars on youtube can all get together. Not divided, but one. What was the question again? My curious beard seems to be getting in the way of my oral tract. Thank you, mr. President. I'll let you go. Back down to gulianna. Amazing, ryan. Feast your eyes on this duo on the red carpet. How about katniss everdeen. What a duo on this carpet. Katniss everdeen. Did you pick this out yourself? No, absolutely not. I would have come in tennis shoes if I could have. And chardonnay, you are one of the biggest, most viral videos. Will you be taking on the buzzys? I don't think you'll want to see the storm orn twitter, if you know what I mean. Point well taken. Let's go back up to ryan, one last time. Give it a whirl. All of the biggest names of the year are here. The awards are coming up next. These are the buzzys. Seacrest out.

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{"id":20738338,"title":"Halloween's Hottest Stars Glam Up Times Square for the 2013 Buzzy Awards ","duration":"7:05","description":"'GMA' anchors transform into Ryan Seacrest and Oprah Winfrey to roll out the red carpet.","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-costumes-2013-good-morning-america-dress-hottest-20738338","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}