Halloween Trick-or-Treats With the Twin Chefs

Lilly and Audrey Andrews share their favorite sweet treats from their new cookbook, "We Heart Cooking."
2:52 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Halloween Trick-or-Treats With the Twin Chefs
Oh, that is so great. All those little elsas. And now we have Lilly and Audrey Andrews. Just 12 years old, cooking since they were 4. They have a brand new cook book, we heart cook. Mad hatter and Alice in wonderland. Okay, Mrs. Pl and Mrs. Clooney. Where did you get the recipes? It was two years, it was a whole summer we created the recipes. We got creative and thinking of things that families would love. You came up with it. We have a ghoulish pudding, right? Yes. What's makes it so ghoulish. This is from our party section in the book. I think it's delicious -- it's a little bit of creepy look with the pimento peppers. And also the pepperjack cheese adds spice. So a nice main course pudding. Yes. Show us how to do it. I want to make this tonight. Okay, so here is the sausage. It's just Italian sausage. Cut it out of the casing and just break it up in the pan. Yes. And we're going to add green onions and garlic. Oh, I love garlic. Would you mind stirring for me? I would love to stir. Okay. We have like three tablespoons. That's a lot of garlic. I love it. Nice andsauteed. Okay. Once that's done cooking, cool off over here. And this is when we make our pudding, which is pepperjack cheese, cheddar cheese. You can use your fingers, go for it. With the garlic. Uh-huh. Two eggs. Don't beat the eggs first, just beat it all together -- Just beat it all together. And pimento peppers. That nice and combined. Okay. And this goes in a two quart baking dish. How long do you cook it? This cooks for about 45 minutes. Yes. At 350 degrees. Perfect. Okay, let's go down here. Tell us about these meringues now. A little Halloween meringues. Over here are the spooky Mering meringues. And you can add eyes. -- Thank you. You can add eyes so they look like little ghosts and food coloring so they're Orange and white to add to the Halloween theme. That's delicious. These cook on 200 for two hours. I love it. It's too early to drink, what is this? This is our vampire punch.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Lilly and Audrey Andrews share their favorite sweet treats from their new cookbook, \"We Heart Cooking.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26600415","title":"Halloween Trick-or-Treats With the Twin Chefs","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-trick-treats-twin-chefs-26600415"}