Missing Teen, Alleged Abductor Spotted by Civilians on Horseback

Hannah Anderson and alleged kidnapper James DiMaggio were found in the backwoods of Idaho.
3:00 | 08/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Teen, Alleged Abductor Spotted by Civilians on Horseback
Let get right to the rescue of hannah anderson, reunited with her father after a massive manhunt that stretched from southern california to idaho. Ryan owen is in boise with the latest. Good morning, ryan. Reporter: Good morning to you, george. Hannah is with her father this morning. She's in good shape, at least physically. Yesterday, she met with a view visitors, namely the horseback riders whose tip blew this case wide open. It wasn't just those heros in uniform who saved hannah anderson. Hannah's coming home. Reporter: It was these sharp-eyed civilians on horseback. Just had a gut feeling about him. Reporter: These four came across the 16-year-old and her 40-year-old kidnapper last week in idaho. Hannah was wearing pajamas, appeared scared, kept looking away, and muttered I think we're all in trouble now. When they saw the teen's picture on tv, they call police. And hundreds of federal agents descended on the woods. First spotting the car friday morning. Police just released the pictures of how he tried to cover it up with limbs and brush. Saturday, from the air, they discovered a camp site to surprise DiMaggio, members of the fbi hostage rescue team jumped from a helicopter and hiked 2 1/2 treacherous hours. The fbi will not detail what happened next, only that DiMAGGIO WAS GIVEN A CHANCE TO Surrender before they killed him. The one-time close family friend murdered hannah's mother and 8-year-old brother. Their bodies found in his burning house in san diego county. The strangest cake of like father like son. In 1989, a pain reported that james DiMaggio senior was arrested for breaking into a home and holding a 16-year-old at gun poipt. The girl, the same age as hannah, escaped through a bathroom window. There's more. FAMILY FRIENDS say DiMaggio's dad committed suicide on august THE 10th, ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. The very same day his son was killed by the fbi. Feoff it inially something that snapped. The only thing that makes sense is the correlation with the dates of his father's suicide. Reporter: Hannah's grandparents, family, friends are all eager for her homecoming. They'll be celebrating that she's home, but remember, mourping the loss of her mother and her little brother.

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{"id":19933727,"title":"Missing Teen, Alleged Abductor Spotted by Civilians on Horseback","duration":"3:00","description":"Hannah Anderson and alleged kidnapper James DiMaggio were found in the backwoods of Idaho.","url":"/GMA/video/hannah-anderson-found-missing-teen-spotted-civilians-horseback-19933727","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}