Hanson Bros on Marriage, Fatherhood and MmmHops Beer

Trio launched to stardom with their infectious hit "MmmBop" return with a new album.
1:35 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Hanson Bros on Marriage, Fatherhood and MmmHops Beer
inside, people so excited to see these three young men. Can you believe "mmmbop" is 16 years old, hanson, the brothers celebrating 21 years in business. They now have a brand-new album coming out tomorrow called "anthem." We'll hear the debut single in a moment but first let's catch up with isaac, taylor and zac hanson. Congratulations on everything. Thank you so much. I want to ask you about "anthem." I was reading your research. It's got a lot of your typical influences but you guys say with a little more fight this time. Yeah. Well, I mean the record is number six. Leave nothing unsaid in the record. You know, it's more epic, "anthem" is the thing that everybody when you write a song you want it to be an anthem. We played an opening song, the opening track called "fired up." You heard it earlier in the show. WE'LL GET THE full McCoy with the song "get the girl back." We've known you since you were little kids and now -- on the drum set. Children. Two kids and one on the way. Two kids. One on the way. This -- I have five. Taylor has five kids. And isaac. I have two boys. They also, by the way have mmmhops, a line of beer. Check it out. I love the approach that some go to charity. We're from oklahoma. We were just looking for something we can do to generate income and so if you go to mmmhops.Com you can buy merchandise to support that. Good idea. Here they are performing the debut single off of their album

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{"id":19419741,"title":"Hanson Bros on Marriage, Fatherhood and MmmHops Beer","duration":"1:35","description":"Trio launched to stardom with their infectious hit \"MmmBop\" return with a new album.","url":"/GMA/video/hanson-interview-2013-gma-brothers-marriage-fatherhood-mmmhops-19419741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}