Harvey evacuees overflow shelters as death toll rises

More than 17,000 people are in shelters in Texas, according to the Red Cross, and the death toll from the storm has risen to nearly one dozen people.
3:36 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Harvey evacuees overflow shelters as death toll rises
Many of the victims of Harvey escaping those dangerous floodwaters head to those evacuation centers but the problem is after they've been rescued those centers are now completely overwhelmed. The red cross saying more than 17,000 people are in shelters in Texas right now. ABC's chief national correspondent Tom llamas is in Houston this morning with more on that side of the story. Tom, good morning. Reporter: Amy, good morning to you. You'll remember right here on "Gma" yesterday we brought you those images of people sleeping on the convention floor here in Houston. This morning, a much different story. Take a look just behind me. This is a new mass shelter they have opened in Houston, the same area where the Texans play football. They're going to house 10,000 people here and they say all 10,000 will have a cot to sleep. Let me show you what will happen. They register through here and come in right through there and get FEMA, health assistance and then they walk through those doors and that's their new home. This is a mix of people who have been through so much. We have people from the overflow crowd at the convention center. We also have people from other crowded shelters and even those recently rescued. Overnight the calls for rescue keep pouring in. Last night, 600 more. People that are calling out, stranded for days. Reporter: The city of Houston and the red cross responding to the influx of people needing help. Now opening new shelters including one at the nrg center. Overnight buses started transporting people to the football stadium. At last check, more than 10,000 were looking for shelter. The number growing. But only 5,000 cots were available at the convention center. We found 18-year-old kalia Castro outside the convention hall in a separate area so she, her baby and three nephews could sleep on a carpeted floor. How did you get out. The helicopter came over the house and came and got us and we came outside. I wasn't able to bring anything. I was -- it was enough room for me to go in the basket and for all the kids to fit. Reporter: Stories like that are what volunteer Lisa sailor says she hears all day. Hard to keep it together. I lost it several times. I had a young mom yesterday that stood in water for a day and a half for her girls because she didn't want to leave her home. Reporter: Outside a dangerous situation in parts of the Houston area. At least nine confirmed deaths including Houston police sergeant Steve Perez who drowned in floodwaters just two days shy of his 61st birthday. Houston's police chief moved to tears. We couldn't find him and once our dive team got there it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. Reporter: Many more missing including six of Rick Sal da var's family member, four children, the youngest just 6 years old and their great grandparents. They were trapped in their van and swept away by floodwaters. Rick's brother, the only survivor. The road dips and that's where the van started floating and it pulled the van to the right and put in the bayou. Reporter: Around the flood damaged areas there are still pockets of chaos. At this supermarket in the northeast section of the city, people scavenging the waters and some entering the locked store coming out with their arms full. And now Houston's mayor implementing a curfew from midnight to 5:00 A.M. Police telling people to stay calm and follow the law. Now, last night we saw something at the convention center we haven't seen yet a long line of people that stretched around the block. It was not people looking for housing. It was people looking to help out. The people of Houston are answ answering that call. They sure are. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"More than 17,000 people are in shelters in Texas, according to the Red Cross, and the death toll from the storm has risen to nearly one dozen people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49508908","title":"Harvey evacuees overflow shelters as death toll rises","url":"/GMA/video/harvey-evacuees-overflow-shelters-death-toll-rises-49508908"}