The Hashtag 'Dad Win' Trends on Instagram

ABC News' Dan Harris reports the latest stories in GMA's Speed Feed
1:26 | 05/15/15

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Transcript for The Hashtag 'Dad Win' Trends on Instagram
Test Text1 plain We're all accounted for except Dan in the social square with the speed feed. I'm going to tell you about something I can identify with. It's called the hashtag dadwins. There's an entire instagram accounts filled with fatherly vickorys in child care. This dad is proud of how he handles spills. This up with zi a cam Flaum for some spilled Mac and cheese. Check out this tad's solution to sticky hands. Not sure if mom will like that. Babies can help with shores. This little one pitching in as his dad stacks laundry. Speaking as a father of a 5-month-old, by little Alexander turns 5 months old today. I have a by accepts workout. A combination bicep, triceps workout. He looks just like you. Except for he's a large -- a large person, unlike me. Yes, yes. He's huge. He's a very large baby. I'm proud. He's going to crush my enemies when I get older. A great workout. It is a great workout. It's not showing up yet. We have so much more coming

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{"duration":"1:26","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris reports the latest stories in GMA's Speed Feed","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31066689","title":"The Hashtag 'Dad Win' Trends on Instagram","url":"/GMA/video/hashtag-dad-win-trends-instagram-31066689"}