Mystery Stomach Bug Alert in Eight States

More than 250 people have been sickened by the bug and at least 10 sent to the hospital.
1:35 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Mystery Stomach Bug Alert in Eight States
Now, to that mysterious stomach bug that's been spreading. The cdc says it's spreading and affecting people in eight states right now. Sickening more than 250 and sending at least 10 people to the hospital. Abc news chief health and medical editor, dr. Richard besser is here with details. Whwe know about this bug? How is it different? Cdc has their hands full with this one. Cypress 4 is the name of the bug. It spends to be found in the tropics. It's had some outbreaks in the past from raspberries and basil. It's been seen in eight states. Most cases have been seen in iowa, texas and nebraska. It's hard to pick up. There's probably a lot more of this disease out there. What are the and how is it different from a normal stomach virus? In addition to watery diarrhea, can have cramping, bloating, fatigue and weight loss. And the symptoms can come and go. It's not like your typical bug. Should people go to the doctor right away if they have the symptoms? If you've had them more than a few days. You want to go to your doctor. You have to tell them you heard about this outbreak because there's special tests that have to be done. If they diagnose it properly, there's an antibiotic to take care of the symptoms. But the cdc has to find a connection between these people. And so far, they h't figured out what links all these people together. That's what they're doing. All right. Dr. Rich besser. We'll have more on that as it develops. Sure. We're going to turn to the

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"More than 250 people have been sickened by the bug and at least 10 sent to the hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19756726","title":"Mystery Stomach Bug Alert in Eight States","url":"/GMA/video/health-warning-mystery-stomach-bug-alert-states-19756726"}