Hear O.J. Simpson Talk About Nicole Brown Simpson in Rarely Seen Deposition Tapes

Rarely seen civil trial deposition tapes reveal Simpson's testimony about relationship with ex-wife Nicole.
4:52 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for Hear O.J. Simpson Talk About Nicole Brown Simpson in Rarely Seen Deposition Tapes
braintree to Boston. Randy: Nearthed them. On "20/20" we have a first look at those long lost video depositions watching O.J. Simpson under oath answering the tough questions he managed to avoid in the criminal trial. Good morning, Mr. Simpson. Good morning? My name is Daniel Petrocelli and I represent Ronald Goldman. This is a first look at long lost videotape, O.J. Simpson in his own word, the culmination of a media frenzy that started with the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. The body of 34-year-old Nicole brown Simpson, ex-wife of O.J. Simpson was found after midnight. Reporter: There was that infamous slow-speed bronco chase. This is A.C., I have O.J. In the car. He's still alive. He's got a gun to his head. Reporter: The arrest of the football superstar. Reporter: And the trial that captivated the world. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit. Reporter: O.j. Simpson was acquitted of murder in a verdict that polarized the nation. We find orenthal J. Simpson not guilty in the crime of murder. Reporter: This is never before seen video of a celebration at his house. Here he is hugging best friend and bronco driver A.C. Cowling but those were short-lived. The victims' families sued him for wrongful death in civil court. He's in the civil case. Is it an annoyance? It's not just an annoyance. For the first time he has to temperature. In the criminal case you can say I'm not going to testify. In a civil case you don't have that right and that made the civil case totally different. Reporter: Now for the first time the long lost exclusive video unearthed by filmmakers to be featured next week in two documentaries on A&E and LMN. These are just some of the deposition tapes that were recorded on as you can see vhs. Reporter: Dan spent days hammering at o.j.'s tumultuous relationship with Nicole grilling him on the photographs of her bruised and battered face. You see those bruises on her face? No. You don't see anything? No. I mean I see this eye thing. You don't think this picture reflects any bruising or injuries or marks on Nicole's face? No, I don't. What do you think this reflects. I think it reflects doing a movie we were doing and we were doing makeup. He says she was wearing makeup for a horror movie. He had so many explanations. Reporter: Filmmaker Lawrence Schiller helped uncover the forgotten deposition tapes. What do you see when you look at those tapes. He a damg good actor. Reporter: He admits to hurting her but won't say how. Never struck her in the face, correct. No. Inform hurt your wife. No, I hurt my wife. I never punched her, yes. You had your fingers around her throat, correct? I could have touched her neck, yes. What do you mean you could have touched he. This was a violent episode. His mantra, icourse,ne O couple to of the pope. They're going to join us live thisnior mngand, Amy, you'll have in "The speed feed" hoping to have their reception in central park. At the same time. Bet the pope is too. My daughter, not enough logrid sck,ashe H to go to school. The O.J. Simpson tesap nerevse beenfore. They show Thede tisiposonor F his civil trindal a for the first time we hear Simpson's chilling testimony about his relationship with his ex-wife, Nicole. "20/20" anchor Elizabeth vargas here with the interview. They were loc years in an underground storage facility gathering dust. That is until film producers for LMN and A&E U magli made shoes that looked like in this case I never would have worn those ugly Shoes. You think those were ugly Shoes. Yes. Reporter: A photograph emerges first in the national enquirer O.J. Simpson wearing Bruno magli shoes at a football game nine months before the football game. Petrocelli brings him back for another round of questions. Watch o.j.'s reaction. That's a picture of you looking at exhibit 1. Yes. Looking at the close-up of the shoes do you believe those were shoes you owned at that time? No. Those ugly Shoed I would never own. There you are. His story was, well, yeah, that's me in the picture, but that's -- those are not my shoes. Reporter: By the time they went to trial more than 30 more photos of Simpson wearing those shoes had emerged. After 41 days of testimony, the jury found Simpson responsible and awarded the victims' families $33.5 million. We finally have justice for Ron and Nicole. Reporter: And that justice in civil court actually led to a prison sentence eventually in Las Vegas when Simpson was arrested years later for armed robbery, stealing memorabilia he claimed was his trying to sell it on the black market to avoid paying the goldmans. Did they ever get -- Not a penny. They have not collected a single penny according to Fred Goldman from O.J. Simpson in this judgment, $33.5 million they were awarded. They were able to seize some assets like the heisman trophy that they were able to sell but they were not able to collect anything directly from Simpson himself. He was in an underground cash market and these tapes are extraordinary. Remember, this was a trial of the century, 95 million people watched that white bronco case. His demeanor. It's not just what he's saying but how he's saying it with no feeling whatsoever and his expression when he saw that photograph of the shoes. Right, it's extraordinary. You really will see a lot more on "20/20." He is at times arrogant. He is at times flippant. He's at times angry and, of course, you know, we got these deposition tapes through LMN and A&E and they're two amazing documentaries coming up on September 30th. "The secret tapes of the O.J. Case: The untold story" and on LMN we have "On speaks: The hidden tapes" on October 1st. Those two coming up but you'll have a first look tonight. Tonight, that's right. So good to see you, Elizabeth. Good to have you here. Tune in, hidden tapes tonight, 10:00 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Rarely seen civil trial deposition tapes reveal Simpson's testimony about relationship with ex-wife Nicole. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34031308","title":"Hear O.J. Simpson Talk About Nicole Brown Simpson in Rarely Seen Deposition Tapes","url":"/GMA/video/hear-oj-simpson-talk-nicole-brown-simpson-rarely-34031308"}