Bake Sales Off Limits at Many Schools?

New federal restrictions may place limits on the sugar and calorie content in foods sold at school.
2:53 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Bake Sales Off Limits at Many Schools?
The "Heat index" right now, say it ain't so. Bake sales may be on the way out in schools all over the country. You know, they've always been such a fun staple but new federal regulations that put limits on the amount of sugar and calories that can be sold on school grounds so many bake sales are likely to be banned. Come on. Yeah, I can feel the backlash already. They're for a good cause. I remember those and I've made them for my daughters. It was just a fun moment. You raise money for -- Let me take the other side. It's a little tricky and I know I'll get a lot of hate mail. I'm not saying we need to get rid of bake sale but sugar and obesity. One day you have a bake sale. If it's a daily, daily -- I'm going to lose this argument. You are but there is some flexibility in the regulations. Can you have a few bake sales in the states just putting a limit on them. Boo. All right. I got a cupcake for you later. I love baked goods. I just want you to know, be on the record before you send anything. I have a Sunday night binge with my wife. Carry on. Coming up next in "Heat index" you'll want to weigh in on this. New mom Olivia wilde looking beautiful on "Glamour" magazine but it's a photo inside that's getting a lot of attention. Wilde pictured breast-feeding her son. No portrait of her is complete without her son and that, quote, breast-feeding is the most natural thing. We hopes the shot captures a mul multifaceted woman who can be ma term, sexy and professional. A beautiful portrait. Unbelievably stunning picture. Is Olivia wilde's photo empowering or too revealing? 66% said it is empowering. 34% say it is too revealing. Does it depend -- she looks great. Does that weigh -- is that part of how people feel? It might. I think that's a good point but she looks date and great thing to say breast-feed something a natural thing. I don't know that I've done it in a diner but you know what, go for it, Olivia. If I look like that I would hope so. One university president getting lots of buzz stepping up to the plate taking a major pay cut so the lowest paid employees could get a raise. Raymond would make 350 grand as interim president of Kentucky state university but slashing it by 90 grand making it possible for minimum wage workers at the school to learn $10.25 an hour instead of $7.25 which is the lowest wage allowed by federal law. Pretty cool and maybe that means he won't be interim president. Who knows, this may be so popular. An incredible gesture, think it's so incredible. Perhaps a trend setter. Maybe it can happen in other plays. Real movement to raise this minimum wage up to a living wage. Love it. Next up in the "Heat index,"

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"New federal restrictions may place limits on the sugar and calorie content in foods sold at school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24861492","title":"Bake Sales Off Limits at Many Schools?","url":"/GMA/video/heat-index-bake-sales-off-limits-schools-24861492"}