Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joe Biden Trending on Social Media

The two “Veeps” teamed up in a hilarious video for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
5:12 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joe Biden Trending on Social Media
We'll go to the other topics of our "Heat index." One, is do our kids get off too easy. One of the stories in "The new York times." Really is something. Refutes the claim that kidding getting everything too easily is bad saying that high self-esteem is beneficial and unconditional self-esteem, a strong sense of belief in yourself, in your confidence is the best way to be. I was one of these guys who said I don't like everybody getting a trophy for just showing up. A pretty convincing article based on a study. I want to quote one thing. It says -- based on an Israeli study. When the consistent finding when children find their parents' feelings vary, it creates fragile and unstable sense of self. I think there's some validity to it but they need to have goals and aspire to achieve and I don't know. I don't -- I feel very -- And earning it. I feel earning it is a huge quality of -- you want your kids to be humble and have some humility and feel a sense of pride when they do well. You want to encourage them but don't want you to feel your affection or love is based 0en ha. Makes sense. Get to know your child because something -- it may work for that particular personality and not for another child. No one size fits all. Interesting study. Very. Are two veeps too many for the white house? Not if it's this duo. Did you see this clip. Julia louis-dreyfus and vice president Joe Biden. Very funny. One of the top trending youtube videos overnight. Shot as part of the white house correspondents' dinner fun. Biden picking up veep. I love "Veep" on HBO and taking her for a spin around D.C. Before they get caught red-handed in the white house kitchen. Take a look. Hey, guys. What are you doing? Nothing. What's in your mouth? Carrots. Joe is like, no. I love how the first lady is eating ice cream and then she -- We wanted to play -- There's raisins in there. It's a fruit. More than they give you at that correspondents' dinner. Plus, I work out every day. I'm sure you do. I do too. You want to arm wrestle? I don't really work out. We saw Julia -- Julia louis-dreyfus that opening and David Muir asked her if she had a body double climbing over the fence. She said that was at the vice president's residence and that was her. So very funny. Do need to check out that whole thing. Hollywood a-listers hit the red carpet in Washington for the white house correspondents' dinner. Who better to talk to about this than Josie. Joe zee, creator editor of "Elle" magazine with us right now. Good morning. Good morning. Hi, you guys. So let's talk about this. What's the difference between Hollywood red carpet and a Washington red carpet. When you talk about Washington it isn't Hollywood so still want that Hollywood glamour but it's about restrain and refinement. Not a lot of plugging necklines. Anything you're channeling first lady. I saw the three of you. Absolutely stunning, representing us well. But give us the other top picks. I do love you too but tell you right now I love Lupita nyong'o. She hasn't had a single fashion misstep this entire award season and I don't think she knows what a fashion mistake is. She looks beautiful in that Oscar de la rent. Elegant, refined but at the same time she's not wearing a bold color like she has all award season. Very, very demure. Can I ask a question? She hasn't made a misstep. How much is her. A lot is her. I have talked to her many times. It is a stylist and a team but she's very -- she's very opinionated in what she wears so I think a lot of it -- you can always tell. There's a level of authenticity. She weighs in a lot. She wears a dress. It doesn't wear her. Never looks wrong. Number two. Number two, okay, this is surprising for me. Jessica Simpson. I know this is very -- Jessica Simpson and white house in the same sentence. Black and white. Again, very elegant. Any first lady could be wearing this dress, Carolina Herrera but even the hair and makeup, it's all very sort of elegant for her. Very grown up. You like Julianna Margulies. I did. I thought it was very modern. Very simple black dress, vintage, didn't wear a designer from the current collection but a simple sheer panel around the arms. Very right now. We asked people at home and they weighed in overnight. Three good choices so asked of the three how did they rank them and Lupita. Yes, number one. 42%, Julianna, 19% and Jessica Simpson, 39%. Oh, so I got it right. Yes. Why do you sound surprised. I don't sound surprised. They're voting. You are the ultimate eye and always give us great tips. Thank you. Thank you, you guys. Now we're going to move on to the hot, new diet trend and

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"The two “Veeps” teamed up in a hilarious video for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23587550","title":"Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joe Biden Trending on Social Media","url":"/GMA/video/heat-index-julia-louis-dreyfus-joe-biden-trending-23587550"}