Record-Breaking Heat Wave Could Be Deadly

Weekend temperatures are expected to approach 120 degrees.
2:44 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for Record-Breaking Heat Wave Could Be Deadly
First, the latest on that heat wave. So scorching, officials saying it could get too hot to actually fly in an airplane. Sam, up in central park for everything this morning. But you're also there tracking this heat emergency. Sam, this sounds brutal. It really is, josh. Good morning, everybody. As folks are out, now that we start the summer season, they're out at festivals. They're out on vacation. And they're out working around in this heat. And from this steamy heat on the east coast, to the searing record-breaking heat in the west, the nation has to deal with this very early this summer. Look at the dome, that heat dome. The area of high pressure holds that heat, cooks that heat, builds it. And it will allow it to spread a little to the north and east, as well. Las vegas at 111. Death centrally at 127 degrees. Threatening the all-time record of 117 there. You can see the heat in four states. And our extreme team is covering the heat all morning long. Ginger zee is on the strip this morning, in the middle of the dangerous, baking heat. Good morning, ginger. Sam, we know this place is hot when it comes tonight life. This hour, it's true to form and hot when it toms to temperature. 90 already. And we're heading to close to 116. It could be record-breaking, to dangerous and even deadly. Weekend temperatures are expected to approach an astonishing 120 degrees. Buckling boulevards in lubbock. Baking playgrounds in denver. And in kansas, downright dangerous with heat stroke. I felt like I was going to throw up. You get too hot. You start getting dizzy and light-headed. Reporter: In phoenix, expect it to top out at 119. Zoo de zookeepers, are cooling tigers with frozen fishcicles. We could see close to the hottest temperatures recorded on earth. Reporter: When a surface goes above 151 degree, it can burn your skin almost instantly. The asphalt, almost 160. This metal here is at 150. This car handle, 151 degrees. I would be careful. Don't want to go out there barefoot. Reporter: Not barefoot and not outside at all. Officials, urging everyone in these zones to stay inside, in air conditioning, until the heat wave has passed. I got my infrared laser here. And the sidewalk, even right now, close to 100.

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{"id":19517641,"title":"Record-Breaking Heat Wave Could Be Deadly","duration":"2:44","description":"Weekend temperatures are expected to approach 120 degrees.","url":"/GMA/video/heat-wave-2013-west-coast-temperatures-approach-120-19517641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}