Hideous Pooches Fight for the Title of 'World's Ugliest Dog'

Pet owners bring their ugly dogs to San Francisco to compete on their bad looks.
3:51 | 06/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hideous Pooches Fight for the Title of 'World's Ugliest Dog'
? There's Cameron Mathison judging the world's ugliest dog contest. He doesn't quite fit in there. Look at that guy. Wow. So this is a contest where they tell you look good it's not a good compliment. Only a face a pore could love. Vying for the title of ugliest dog and the competition. That's a cute one. And Cameron is not bad looking either. While far from pretty the owners are no less proud. ABC's committameron Mathison is in San Francisco with more. Some are cute. Some not so much. You know, it's true, ugliness is in the eye of the beholder or something like that. But there were about 29 dogs that competed in 2014's world's ugliest dog contest. What was the prize? The prize was a trophy literally bigger than me and 1500 bucks which makes for a whole lot of dog treats and yours truly was indeed honored to one of three judges. This competition was not about making fun of ugly dogs because we all know that all dogs are beautiful. This was about celebrating wonderful characters and showcasing what true beauty really is and, of course, having a lot of fun along the way. ? the Westminster kennel club dog show where only the most coifed and coordinated survive but this -- Oh, wow. Not that competition. He has no teeth on this side so his tongue always hang out like that. Crooked teeth, big bellies and all kinds of cosmetic oddities. Nothing is off limits to become the alpha dog of underdogs 26th annual world's unliest dog contest at the sonoma-marin fairgrounds in California. I think they're all cute in an ugly sort of way. Everybody said we had the world's ugliest dog and should go to the contest. They may be ugly but, hey, these dogs -- Why does a vet need to be here to check out all the dogs beforehand? We need to make sure they're not ugly for major health reasons because of neglect but for good reasons. We scored on several considering including special and unusual attributes of the their personality and, of course, their natural ugliness. Not exactly a ole dog but we love quasi modo anyway. It looks like he's twerking a lit. Reporter: They're split into pedigrees and mutt and duke it out. The world's ugliest dog is -- peanut. This little one, the mangiest of mutts leaping ahead of the rest. I think he has an amazing strong spirit. Here, the champ, peanut. Right here, up early with me. Now, prior to the competition, peanut not only won the live competition with me judging but peanut also won an online poll of public opinion coming in with almost 2,000 votes. Hundreds above the other. He was burned when he was a puppy and his current owner entered him into this competition to raise awareness for animal abuse. While dogs from last night's competition were rescues and the sonoma humane society was on site to showcase adoptable pets. It looks like the bar scene from "Star wars." It's amazing. All these weird -- great EE convenient. Cameron, you were awesome as a judge. We really thank you -- I love peanut's smile. Peanut. Permanent smile. Yeah. Got to love that smile. Not going anywhere. Congratulations, peanut. Peanut is coming here tomorrow. All right, straight ahead on

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{"id":24244218,"title":"Hideous Pooches Fight for the Title of 'World's Ugliest Dog'","duration":"3:51","description":"Pet owners bring their ugly dogs to San Francisco to compete on their bad looks.","url":"/GMA/video/hideous-pooches-fight-title-worlds-ugliest-dog-24244218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}