High Fashion Meets High Drama on New Season of 'Project Runway'

Season 12 kicks off with new cast of designers bursting at seams with creativity.
4:49 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for High Fashion Meets High Drama on New Season of 'Project Runway'
We've been saying it's hard to believe that "project runway" is kicking off its 12th fabulous season. It has a new cast of designers. Give it up for the hosts, heidi klum, tim gunn, nina, and josh. Five more emmy nominations. You both for host. For the show, as well. And here it is, the 12th season you keep it going. Every we love it. It's kind of like groundhog day. I feel like we did it last week. Here we are. We have 16 hungry designers to make it in this industry. It's so fresh. There is something a little different. People want we want more tim gunk. And we have. I'm a little apprehensive about it. As heidi and nina and zach all know, for me, there's separation between the church and state. You may want information, there really hasn't been a format for that. And now, I come out and give the scoop. Can't you override them one time? I can save a design. We get to see the clothing close-up for the first time. You get to expect it and see their hand in it. When we do see it up close. Sometimes we are. That's what's authentic. If yo love it, you love it. That makes the designer better. You've had all of these diamonds, millions of dollars of diamonds? 30 million. It's crazy. Just as they designer is poised to think, we'll go to the box, we. We have to come up with dodges, they are being surprising. It can be intimidating for them. Really, theewels can take over the fashion. It was really designing -- I never thought or it like that. You have them bringing things back, which is very different from -- that's one of my favorite challenges. They get to use unconventional materials. And you get to see how they can push their imagination. And it often leads to the most creative work on the season. They've had such blesh themselves, as a designer with a new fabric. Whatever they won, they had to make clothes out of these bears. And stuffing. And they were cutting things apart. It was wild. It was the greatest. We don't know if they will become trends or not. We're going to do a little game here. You tell us if this friend is in or out. Aerowean going to begin this last week. I saw this a lot. The bare midriff. Your votes? Do you think it's in. It's in. Under 35 only. A disclaimer. Never. Heidi, you can wear anything. 25 and under. You can pull it off. The midriff, and you sit -- you really don't want that. 25 and under. One more. One more quick one. They're giving me the wrap. Kind of like the mullet. A high-low dress. Is that a trend that's in. I still like it. You guys -- this is all over the place. It's kind of done already. Everything's been done in the world gives you an option. If you don't like it, you can do belong. This is the beauty of the four of you're congratulations on all of the emmy nominations and for making us time here. We appreciate it much. JOIN US HERE ON THURSDAY AT Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain

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{"id":19745345,"title":"High Fashion Meets High Drama on New Season of 'Project Runway'","duration":"4:49","description":"Season 12 kicks off with new cast of designers bursting at seams with creativity.","url":"/GMA/video/high-fashion-meets-high-drama-season-project-runway-19745345","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}