High-Intensity Stiletto Workout

Critics suggest heel-hop exercise class may not be best choice for getting fit.
3:00 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for High-Intensity Stiletto Workout
golodryga is here this morning with, by the way, there's no doubt this is a hot-looking exercise trend, started by camilla, the queen of heels. Earlier today, this is a hot segment, I took off the jacket to bring you this. It's hard enough wearing sneakers. You can imagine our surprise when we heard about heel hop. It's described as a low-impact full-body workout to shed pounds and sculpt that sexy you, I'll while wearing high-heel pumps. Is this a craze in fitness or a workout disaster? It's a typical fitness class, complete with stretches, situps and stilettos. Wait. Stilettos? Welcome to the high-intensity world of heel hop. Camilla barrett is a professional dancer turned fitness guru. She's worked with some of the hottest names. From r. Kelly. To 50 cent. I came straight out of the womb with high-hee pumps on. Reporter: We decided to check it out for ourselves, with yours truly, one of the world's at least stiletto-savvy women, strapping on my mary janes. Come on, russia. Down and stretch. It's time for every woman to have this power. Press. Step. Press. Step. Good. All right. Reporter: Are we ready to go? Come on, girl. Reporter: There were plenty of women all majs ready to kick up their heels. Reporter: Are you ready? We have a doctor in the house. Oh, my goodness. Reporter: Before we knew it, we were on the mat, lifting our pelvises, rotating our arms and feeling the burn. It is more damaging in heels. Oh, my goodness. That was awesome. Reporter: Some in the medical community aren't as pumped. One leading podiatrist expressed concerns about the class. They're an unable shoe for your body. Exercising in them doesn't make sense in any way, shape or form. Reporter: For camilla, it's all about the rewards opinion i love the way I look in heels. I wear them to work all the time. But as soon as I'm done, I take the shoes off and I'm in flats. I'm not in heels 24 hours a day. But when you have to get in them, you want to know how they will feel. To this day, I'm still performing in heels.

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{"id":18628409,"title":"High-Intensity Stiletto Workout","duration":"3:00","description":"Critics suggest heel-hop exercise class may not be best choice for getting fit.","url":"/GMA/video/high-intensity-heel-hop-stiletto-workout-18628409","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}