High school shooting survivor describes terror at the scene

Marshall County High School Bryson Conkwright's hand was grazed by a bullet in the shooting that left two of his fellow students dead.
3:36 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for High school shooting survivor describes terror at the scene
Joining us now one who survived that scooting is Bryson Conkwright and, Bryson, thanks for being with us. I know a bullet grazed your hand. How are you doing this morning? I mean, it's -- I'm doing a lot better than I was yesterday which yesterday was a lot more shocking than it was today, but by now everybody has had a little more time to process but we still will never have the answers to this and it's hard. Yes, can only, only imagine. Please tell us what you saw, what happened when you knew something was going wrong. Well, I was -- I was kind of standing to the group. I was a little bit to the side. I was basically in the group, and like I see this kid walk up. I didn't pay that much attention and I turned back and he draws a gun out from his side and I'm like, I don't -- I didn't know what to do. I really didn't know what to think at all and saw him draw out this gun and he just points it and by that time, I still haven't processed -- about the time he pulled the trigger it hit me that this kid's -- he's shooting at us. He's shooting at us and I was just sitting there in shock and I'm watching my friends and people I've known forever just -- some people just dropped and it was unbelievable. There was -- it was chaos. Everybody was screaming. Everybody was runnipg out. It was crazy. Well, of course, we extend our condolences to the families, those who lost their live, those who are injured and know some are in critical condition and, as you said, it is a small community, tight knit. What can you tell us about those that were injured and lost their lives yesterday? I'll tell you, my honest opinion on it is everybody in that group, they literally wouldn't hurt a fly. The ones that lost their lives, they were -- they were probably the nicest people I ever met and they never had anything negative to say. They always had a smile on their face and gauge, tge, the one that got injured pretty bad, he is a good buddy of might. He was always so hyped up and happy. You can see him, he was always his happy self and in a split second it all changed. We're not revealing the name of the shooter right now and we don't know the motive and don't want to talk about that. Tell us about your school. Tell us about your community. Give us a sense of what it's like there. Well, we're very -- I don't know, like this is a great school. Like I would never expect anything to happen. We have a great tech center. Everybody, everybody loves each other here and just to see this -- just to see something like this happen, it's going to hit the history books and it will never be forgotten and it's unreal. Never in a million years I expect this to happen in Marshall county. Well, Bryson, thank you and we're thinking of you and everyone there. You're in our prayers, and I know that you all are getting the help you need to be able to process something like this but thank you very much, Bryson.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Marshall County High School Bryson Conkwright's hand was grazed by a bullet in the shooting that left two of his fellow students dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52573898","title":"High school shooting survivor describes terror at the scene","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-shooting-survivor-describes-terror-scene-52573898"}