Hilary Duff's Tinder Dates Featured in 'Sparks' Music Video

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:32 | 05/15/15

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Transcript for Hilary Duff's Tinder Dates Featured in 'Sparks' Music Video
Tony thanks come back and you convinced that letters of but. I'm getting feeling. I've always been. If you're nice not to let you see behind the scenes last night that we thought we would have to come on an annual does that grade reading Harry got everybody Hilary Duff. Is looking for some sparks the singer's newly released music video for the song sparks. Foster child and tribulations on hidden there younger star and remember recently united. In fact that really is her on the dating web site a lot of men who spotted her picture. Wondered if it was an impostor Duff has no problem admitting she's looking for love in the 21 century from picking her profile pic to swiping right wing guy named Tom. And then a blinding at the bowling Alley all in this music video she is like I want immunize sky. And when you're famous people assume we're getting huffed out a lot and I'm not getting. So she's put it all out there. Check that everybody also in pop news this morning this will be a pop news investigation Tony these are very very serious and scientific and state house. The expression is seeing red when you are angry could have some scientific merit. A new study from Durham University finds men wearing red were consistently seen as more aggressive and dominant than men who were wearing blue or gray in this study. Yes Laurie I don't know. Is glad. Women also perceived men who Wear red as angry. The doctoral candidates. An angry an experiment that the implications of this reach your research are that people should think carefully about wearing red in certain social settings. It's gotten a bar Chinese lately about the color a lot okay. Don't let the pop music again. Exactly yeah exactly and it's acting in care you had thought. The proof positive. I'm but it is surely they in this in the study shows if you're a job interview depending on employer you might not want to be seen as so dominant however this is something. Goodness sports something that Tiger Woods has known for many many years when he Wear that red it is his power call color he is dominant and sometimes yes he does. Get angry. Really was an investigation. Yes it was two hours and I and it and you are exhibit at many of the smaller so that it sure as it should remember how I remember my very first suit interviewing with my heart and red suit now I know why didn't get the job because. That's like a film and I fear compounds the revenue that's about to present a lot of relatives like Lillian Regan what they. There is on record in Idaho. And by the and then like from now on you all the comings and Allah. And here's why. That is my modernize name according to new app that tells you what your name would be if you were born today here's out works based on your name and your birthday. The folks at time dot com use. New baby name dot up from the Social Security Administration throughout the years. For example your I was warned Lara what the 220 was popular name 2015. Ranking goes to Daniela. According to gab George your 2050 name is Oliver. The epithet at a dot com. Data from this point fourth you shall be known as. Anthony. Hi you doing Tony yeah on U and EU are Olivia Olivia and all of a lot of any kind Oliver but not I thought I was sort of a little younger cats I. I am my here the pop news investigative team is saying that your name this year from now on his camera and enough you're not feeling in my element happens. I'll trade you could listen to Tony enough for me out there going out like that I don't.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31067986","title":"Hilary Duff's Tinder Dates Featured in 'Sparks' Music Video","url":"/GMA/video/hilary-duffs-tinder-dates-featured-sparks-music-video-31067986"}