Favorite Emerges Among Actresses to Play Hillary Clinton

Paula Faris explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:47 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for Favorite Emerges Among Actresses to Play Hillary Clinton
We have breaking "pop news." Okay. Hillary clinton has a doppelganger. Talking about this for awhile. A who's who of actresses rumored to be in the mix to play her. It appears there is a favorite. "The hollywood reporter" says carey mulligan has emerged as the front runner to star. She wasn't even in the discussion. "The great gatsby" star would play a young hillary juggling her career as a lawyer and her relationship with bill clinton. Look at this side by side. Dead ringer. Don't you think? You make the call. You make the call. I will say -- she was for me the best part of that movie. She was terrific. Not leo. Leo was the best part for me. Now, other actresses mentioned for the role include scarlet johann san, jessica chastain and emma stone. You like scarlett and you like jessica -- how do you feel? It looks like it could be her. Kate middleton made recycling her wardrobe sheets but she's not the only one who regularly walks the red carpet to do it. Jennifer aniston was spotted wearing a familiar prada dress to a wedding last weekend. Now this is the same one she wore a couple of years ago when she put her hand and footprints in cement outside grauman's chinese theatre. You make the call. Is it the same one. You mean to tell me she wore a dress again? Twice, the nerve. Now, did you notice the differences so she had added some accessories this time around, the dress is unmistakable. Looked like she took the cap sleeves off, though. Wow. That's some breaking s." It's okay, don't you think. I'm going to wear this again. And finally, the envelope please, scotty. This is crazy. Thank you, sir. That's right, the host of the 40th annual daytime emmy awards, drum roll, please -- it's true. Sam. Sam champion! Breaking news, sam. Co-host the special anniversary show, the theme will be past, present and future. It will air live from l.A. Sunday, june 16th on hln. Sam, congratulations. Good for you. It's going to be an indoor event so you don't have to wear a rain jacket. Congratulations. So proud of you. But, sam, you still have to do your day job and give us the weather. That's right. That's right but I got to tell you I've got great company. A.J. Hammer,in meade is going to be there. The three of us will have fun with daytime television. There is a little show, a little show, a very small morning show america seems to be very fond of, "good morning america," that may, may, may come away with some kind of -- possibly. Just may. Just may. I got my fingers crossed for

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{"id":19338066,"title":"Favorite Emerges Among Actresses to Play Hillary Clinton","duration":"2:47","description":"Paula Faris explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-biography-film-favorite-emerges-actresses-play-19338066","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}