Hillary Clinton Has Blood Clot From Concussion

The secretary of state's doctor found a blood clot during a follow-up exam.
5:30 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Has Blood Clot From Concussion
york presbyterian hospital where secretary of state hillary clinton is being cared for right now. Martha raddatz has the latest. Reporter: The secretary has not been seen in public since early december after an illness and then a fall. This is the first time she's landed in the hospital. Probably a good idea to -- Reporter: ON SUNDAY, Secretary clinton was admitted to new york hospital for a treatment of a blood clot. According to the state department in the course of a followup exam, the doctors discovered a blood clot had formed, stemming from the concussion several weeks ago. She was last seen december 7th after an overseas trip. ON DECEMBER 9th, SHE CANCELED A Trip with her spokesman saying, she was under the weather. Later it was revealed she had fainted from dehydration due to a severe stomach virus and suffered a concussion. Abc news learned that in addition to being on an i.V. Drip, she was treated by to teams of doctors, underwent a series of tests, and was experiencing headaches and dizziness. Since that time, the state department said she was working from home. She missed her scheduled testimony on the hill regarding thken to consulate in benghazi, an absence that drew criticism from some republicans. This is not the first time clinton has had a blood clot. She had one in her leg in 1998, following a vigorous travel schedule. She discussed her health and age with abc's barbara walters. Is your age a concern to you? It really isn't. I'm thankfully healthy and have incredible stam than and energy. Reporter: She does, indeed, normally have incredible energy and stamina. This is a very big setback. So much we don't know. Including where in her body this blot is. That couldave a big significance in how it's treated and the seriousness of it. Reporter: That's true. I asked if the clot is in her head or her leg, they will not say. They have said she has other issues from the concussion but won't swhat they are. It's puzzling, the lack of information, given the republican charges of benghazi flu or a diplomatic illness when they were failing to believe she was as sick as she was. Reporter: The clintons are notoriously private. They just don't say much, especially about issues like this. Have you dealt with something like this, where there's so little information forthcoming? Reporter: I can't say I have. Over the last few weeks, they've come back at us saying you're making it sound too serious. Clearly, there are serious things going on. It raises more questions when you know so very little. All right, thank you so much. We're joined by chief health and medical editor dr. Richard besser. We know she's been treated with anti-coagulant drugs. Does that tell you that the clot is not in her lungs or brain? Everyone agrees that the most likely scenario is she has another clot in her leg. That type of clot is called a deep vein thrombosis. She probably had a period of pro longed time in bed with the headaches and dizziness. That is a risk factor. We know that this is the kind of clot that people who travel on airplanes for long distances get, people who are immobile get. It can be deadly. It killed david bloom. You worry about the clot breaking off, traveling sba your heart and into your lungs. Your blood pressure can drop suddenly. You put someone on an anti-coing a lant, that can krom happening. How serious is a blood clot? In her leg, probably not serious. A few months on anti-coagulants. A blood clot in her head is a different situation. If you fall and hit your head and you have bleeding in your head, you wouldn't put someone on an anti-coagulant. You have a central vein in your head that can cause clots with a severe head injury. Thinks are not adds up. I expect we'll learn more today to shed light on that. This neb lus other health issues we keep hearing about. What could that be? We haven't seen her since DECEMBER 7th. You can have trouble concentrating after a concussion, weakness in your body. We're not getting a lot of information. All right, dr. Richard besser, thank you. Wishing her the best. Now to the latest on the fiscal cliff.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"The secretary of state's doctor found a blood clot during a follow-up exam.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18099038","title":"Hillary Clinton Has Blood Clot From Concussion","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-blood-clot-concussion-effects-secretary-states-18099038"}