Hillary Clinton Discusses Sexism, Her Marriage, and Becoming a Grandmother

The former secretary of state responds to remark by former Gov. Sarah Palin and opens up on Chelsea's expanding family.
5:04 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Discusses Sexism, Her Marriage, and Becoming a Grandmother
We're back with Hillary Clinton, with a new book out today, titled "Hard choices." In our first half-hour, we want to talk about the reaction you have from Sarah Palin, she read H your book. In your book, you stated that the Obama administration at the time, asked you to be critical of her when she was selected as the vp nominee and you refused to do, the former governor, she tweeted this, she said, looked who fired the first shot in the real war on women. Hint, it wasn't the gop, see this excerpt from Hillary's book. That's not exactly what I said. What I said was, in -- beginning the process of working with then-senator Obama after I ended my campaign, we had as I describe in the book, an awkward but necessary meeting to clear the air on a couple of issues, and one of them was the sexism that unfortunately was present in that '08 campaign. Were you asked to be critical of her? Yes. That very first day, the Obama campaign said, well, we want you to go out and criticize her. I said, for what? For being a woman? No. Let's wait until we find out where she stands. I think it's fair to say that I made it clear I'm not going to go attack somebody for being a woman or a man. I'm going to try to look at the issues, where they stand, what their experiences, what they intend to do and then that's fair game. You have been out there speaking on women's rights. I have seen you out there, speaking of women's rights or human rights. What's important here. Usa today, front page, do you think the climate is different now for a woman running for president than in '08? I think it's different for women across the board. Not just in the political sphere that we continue to have these obstacles to women's full participation. It's true across the board. I think over the last six, seven years, there has been a much greater awareness in the American public about the double standard, so, I really believe that there's a great discussion going on now and whether it's somebody running for president or somebody climbing the corporate ladder or broadcasting or anything else, there's much greater awareness and that's all to the good. Let's talk about family. You and your family have very intense schedule, how much quality time do you have? No. We're together a lot, I mean, we just have a lot of time and it's probably as much time as we have had together, you know, for a number of years, because we're always working hard, we like to work hard, but we also really relish the time together. The family is growing. You're going to be a grandmother in the fall. In the fall. I want this to develop organically. I have talked to my friends and some of them said, I knew exactly what I wanted to be called and I had a hard time getting them to call that. I couldn't be happier. This is something that I looked forward for a long time. The way you write about her in the book that's quite obvious. You're known for your sense of humor. Quick responses to some of the things that people are asking. Who is your favorite republican in congress? Oh, well, despite my problems sometimes with him, John McCain, because he and I have traveled a lot and you know, we argue a lot. He goes off on something that I disagree with, but, you know, I admire him. Who's the person living that you admire the most. Living is hard. It used to be Nelson Mandela. Probably Desmond tutu. Politician you would let baby-sit your future grandchild? There are a lot of them. Very close to a lot of the women in the senate. I'm putting out the offer right now, if they want to baby-sit, all they need to do is call. Game three of the NBA finals. Texas or Florida? Florida. When you pose it like that. Thank you so much. Thanks robin. Appreciate it. "Hard choices" out today. Thanks. Take care.

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{"id":24068697,"title":"Hillary Clinton Discusses Sexism, Her Marriage, and Becoming a Grandmother ","duration":"5:04","description":"The former secretary of state responds to remark by former Gov. Sarah Palin and opens up on Chelsea's expanding family.","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-interview-2014-lady-discusses-sexism-marriage-24068697","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}