Hillary Clinton Officially Steps Down as Secretary of State

Reena Ninan reports the latest State Department news from Washington, D.C.
2:51 | 02/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Officially Steps Down as Secretary of State
Check out this amazing statistic. Today is the first day since 1983 neither bill nor hillary clinton have been in government office. Ending a run of 10,980 days. Hillary clinton remaining coy on what's next. Reena ninan is in washington. Reporter: It was quite the sendoff. Complete with gifts from staffers. And everyone tsa-approved three-ounce clear bottles for air travel. Thank you. Reporter: It was a good-bye a source close to the secretary said, high-charge and sentimental. Quite a challenging week, saying good-bye to so many people. Hi, how are you? Reporter: Labeled as traveling more than 1 million mil miles. I have spent many hours here in washington, around the world and in airplanes. Reporter: She made clear from the start she wasn't living in anyone's shadow. My husband isn't secretary of state. I am. Reporter: Since then she's learned many new moves. As I look back over these past four years, I am very proud of the work we have done together. Reporter: As she said her good-byes friday, she called for the mission to continue. I know that the world we are trying to help bring into being, in the 21st century, will have many difficult days. But I am more optimistic today than I was when I stood here four years ago. Reporter: Driving away for a private gathering at her home. She's not ready to fully reveal her next act. I will miss you. I will probably be dialing opes just to talk. I will wonder what you all are doing. Because I know that, because of your efforts, day after day, we are making a real difference. And her successor has already been sworn in. Tell us about that, reena. He was sworn in yesterday afternoon. He's expected to address the state department employees early monday morning. I have a feeling, dan, that he'll receive less criticism over his hair styles than she did. The former massachusetts senator john kerry sworn in yesterday and sworn in with cup cakes. I love that. Welcome to the world's most stressful day and here's a cup cake. A dramatic 911 call made by a terrified young boy who was

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Reena Ninan reports the latest State Department news from Washington, D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18385016","title":"Hillary Clinton Officially Steps Down as Secretary of State","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-officially-steps-secretary-state-18385016"}