Hiring Movers: Unsatisfied Customers Go Undercover

A couple who felt they were being taken advantage of teamed up with the FBI.
2:59 | 12/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hiring Movers: Unsatisfied Customers Go Undercover
Until Americans on the move more than 45 million people change their address every year. And many people are in danger of being taken advantage of -- movers. But we have a story of consumer revenge it's all caught on camera ABC's Elizabeth Bellini has the story. Meet the movers from hell -- Britain. -- -- Caught on -- customers camera delivering broken belongings. Can -- Delivering them late. That you've been waiting for here and -- half. And just dumping them out signs -- people who -- -- -- -- -- Light is about whether the customers should have to pay the original estimate of 7000 dollars more than 55000. A moving company demanded later -- six. And this is not the only case he. He would just go ballistic -- Cameron Ullman and Vanessa stock -- hired this same moving company and had a similar experience. A low ball estimate of about 3000. Dollars followed by a demand for -- -- -- England's rains -- we slept on the wood floor are we -- -- little over with -- -- of Colorado. I actually told them. You're not even accompanied I talked to in the first place to make this deal and he says well Lima company that you need to be -- to -- now because I have this stuff. Its latest problem in the moving industry customers booked here moves on line not realizing your dealer must guess she moved. Brokers who provide unrealistically. Low estimates then now believed to actual movers like golden -- that Jack up the price and hold people's goods hostage until they. -- said what -- death. Cam and I go undercover. Find out if he really has card lead. And Vanessa went undercover for the FBI. Warehouse -- air stuff and lots of other people's. Air stealth mission helped the feds closed the case and nonprofit called -- rescue started by -- legitimate bloopers helped come. We're able to you use our network of -- -- agents across the country. Who will pick up those goods that have oftentimes been abandoned in storage and deliver them to the customer free of charge. -- government indicted golden hands owner on 55. Counts including extortion and that. All because of some scrappy customers. Their cameras you can get off the property now for Good Morning America Elizabeth -- -- ABC news Washington. Now the attorney for the company's owner told us mr. Levin is a small businessmen who feels that he did. His moving -- the best he could under the confusing regulations. And difficult circumstances. And deadlines but those pictures that video speaks -- it certainly does about many --

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"A couple who felt they were being taken advantage of teamed up with the FBI.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18066075","title":"Hiring Movers: Unsatisfied Customers Go Undercover","url":"/GMA/video/hiring-movers-unsatisfied-customers-undercover-18066075"}