Holiday 911: Buying Gifts on the Road

Good Housekeeping's style director, Lori Bergamotto, appears live on "GMA" to discuss how to find last-minute gifts even if you're traveling.
5:19 | 12/23/16

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Transcript for Holiday 911: Buying Gifts on the Road
It is time now for holiday 911 calling all procrastinators, everyone out there still looking for those last-second gifts or even if you're pushing until tomorrow to get your gifts we got some last-minute tricks just for you. Plane, trains and automobiles, the hunt for the last-minute gifts on the road is on. We all feed some help. Cue Lori bergamotto style director for "Good housekeeping." Starting in California and making her way to New York in search of the perfect holiday gift on the go. Still have gifts to get. Thankfully the airport looks like a mall. Let's go shopping. First stop a tech store at the airport for cool gadgets. So the audio buffs on your list there's a whole selection of bluetooth wireless speakers. Really? It's a win/win. Reporter: Last-minute isn't an excuse to make them lackluster. Don't overlook local souven souvenirs or a taste of local flavor. Reporter: Back on the road a less glamorous pit stop, a gas station. Lotto tickets are a universal crowd pleaser. Find some festive ones and stick them in a holiday card. If you want to get creative -- Last resort get a gas gift card. Pair it with a map and encourage your loved one to take a road trip. Finally the train station in New York City. Train stations cater to commuters so you always find a store like this which carries items for professionals. Things like ties, scarves, socks, umbrellas, but don't be fooled. These items also make great gifts. Reporter: Don't forget the local drugstore. Create a custom DIY gift. My niece loves art so getting her markers, crayons, paint and package it all up and something else I found here a stocking. Reporter: Getting creative and looking beyond the basics. Shopping success. I'm headed to times square. Now, "Good housekeeping's" style director Lori bergamotto is kind enough to come back and give us even more gift ideas that you can sneak under the tree on Christmas eve. Even some on Christmas day. That's right. Yeah, so what happens? I'm on the road. I'm on my way to a party or house, I don't have anything. How can you help me? So whether it's for a host or a guest, we still have a gift solution for you. That will take you less time than the amount of time it takes to pour yourself a cup of eggnog. A solution is subscription services. And what that is is you can get all different gifts sent directly to the recipient's house, different denominations, different lengths of time so can do it weekly, monthly or yearly. We'll start with the very specific for the pet lover. Do you have a pet lover in your life? I just got a new dog. We have to give this to you. Although we have to save the beef jerky for Dan Harris because I heard all of his beef jerky jokes. This is bark box. It comes with toys, treats, chew toys. You can get that from barking company and gets sent directly to the person's house. How fun is that. It's a chew toy. A little winter boot. That's really cute, right. That's really cute until you find your real ugg chewed. Yes, exactly. Those really affordable is the other point I want to make. That starts at around $25. I like that. Now the more general so who doesn't love flowers? Universal crowd pleaser. This is the buk's company and what I love about it, it's affordable and cuts out the middleman because they go to eco-friendly sustainable farmers and customize what you want. That's from the bouq's company. This, everybody was all up in in this morning. Okay, this is really cool. This is from a company called gold belly. They work with small batch regional foods so we're here in New York and a lot of us new York ers will know magazine yell Ya cupcages, sherry B. Desserts, ovenly but let's say you want to send something from New Orleans and mouffaleta sandwich. Go to gold belly and pick what you want. Food from around the country. Yes. What do we have here? Maybe you want to do an experience. Cloud 9 living a great way to do it. Do anything -- this is a painting party we found you could have people come to your house and do a painting party. They have skydiving. They have helicopter lesson, literally anything and Christmas eve is their busiest time of the year, so if you still haven't gotten anything, you have 24 hours. That's what Amy is big at. You never forget an experience but may lose a toy. You never forget an experience. Our next is being delivered by a special guest. Come on in. So here we have Santa and this experience, Michael, is from opentable. Open table allows you to give the gift of dinner for your favorite couple or friends or take Santa out here. Works with over 24,000 restaurants and it's nationwide so really this is like a go to because it works for everyone. You know what, those cookies don't work for you, Santa, that's all for -- Let's do a happy holidays cheer and don't forget to give Santa a cookie.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Good Housekeeping's style director, Lori Bergamotto, appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss how to find last-minute gifts even if you're traveling. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44360255","title":"Holiday 911: Buying Gifts on the Road","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-911-buying-gifts-road-44360255"}