Home Improvement: To Buy or Do It Yourself

Sabrina Soto on how you can turn inexpensive pieces into items that rival those at high-end stores.
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Transcript for Home Improvement: To Buy or Do It Yourself
it's time for our beloved series "improve this." Always a money saver but today we'll show you how to turn really inexpensive pieces into items that will rival what you find at a high-end design store. We're talking pennies on the dollar thanks to this gal of the "high low project" on hg tv. Thank you. Sunshine into a winter day. Vases. These are the store bought. 80. You come up with a way to do it for 74%. 20 for all of them. Get a glass from a thrift store. I love a good thrift store. Michael's or lowe's. Purr paint in with a funnel and move it around. Swirl it around. I look like I'm bleeding but this is paint. A diy. This is why you host a diy show, everybody. This is really what happens. So you swirl it around and dishwasher safe. If you cure them, bake them to 350 degrees, put it in while it's cool. Did you get that? Okay, so this is -- a cutting board. This is pricey. 70 bucks. How do we do it ourselfs? You use a jigsaw. Please don't use a jigsaw based on what I saw with the paint. Here's your large board. Okay. Use a jigsaw. It's in the shape of france. Do it of your state shape and drill a hole where your city is, where you grew up, that was $70, this you could make for 5 bucks. And very carefully but do anything to the wood? You could put mineral oil on it. Very easy and I feel like i made one shape like a pig in fifth grade. You can do that too. I love this idea. Very beautiful. These are recycled wine containers made into vases. Very expensive but not yours. 160, I cut these from leftover wine bottles. Use a wine cutter, $4. A glass cutter. Where does one get one. At lowe's, online, put it it in hot and cold water and it'll be easy. They are so beautiful. Recycling. And finally this is a very expensive stool. This is from a big store, big box store. You customize it. By putting nail heads on it. Because of those details, the tufting and nailheads. You can make it to next to nothing? A special hammer that you -- a tack hammer and tacks and you are set. See the big difference and sabrina and I will wash our hands and talk about diy things. That's what we do when we're together. More projects on our website and coming up, true money con

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sabrina Soto on how you can turn inexpensive pieces into items that rival those at high-end stores.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21570156","title":"Home Improvement: To Buy or Do It Yourself","url":"/GMA/video/home-improvement-sabrina-soto-buy-21570156"}