Two Homes Swallowed by Florida Sinkholes

Officials attempt to fill sinkhole with dirt after two houses collapse into it.
3:00 | 11/16/13

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Transcript for Two Homes Swallowed by Florida Sinkholes
We want to return to florida and a bizarre story there. That giant sinkhole that's swallowed two homes thus far, as they scramble to fill that hole with dirt, there is a big, looming question this morning. Could all of this have been prevented? Steve osunsami is outside of tampa. Steve, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, dan. They're already at work here in the rain, beginning to tear down that second home that nearly fell into that sinkhole. Families here who have been fighting this sinkhole issue for years, have beyond frustrated. Authorities here, carefully tearing down two of the homes that were nearly swallowed by the sinkhole outside tampa. They are filling the hole with sand. And nearly 60 feet deep, it could take days. Of course, I'm upset. Reporter: The dupree family is beyond frustrated. They first saw the cracks and heard the creeks in 2011. The insurance company agreed they had a sinkhole. But disagreed on how it should be fixed. The family lost in court. And the work had just started this week, too late to save the home. The stress of dealing with it every day. And the stress of having to deal with fighting the insurance company to do the right thing. Reporter: Just a few miles up the highway, the ferraros have a sinkhole growing underneath them. An engineer says their home is ready to collapse. They're fighting their insurance company, too. This entire area and our home could fall into the earth. Could just collapse. With us in it. Reporter: The experts tell us there are thousands of possible sinkholes waiting to open up under florida homes. And these are just the new ones. More than 250 reports since may of last year. Right now, we're not getting the support of the insurance companies. And we're not getting support of elected officials. Reporter: One solution insurance companies use is to drive cement deep into the ground around a home with a known sinkhole lurking below. This morning, families around florida are racing to get this work done. Hoping this won't happen. The insurance company in this case says the homeowners here are somewhat responsible. Dragging this out in court. These same homeowners will most likely be filing a claim for a new house. That's so frustrating for homeowners just waiting for their houses to sink in. Steve, our thanks to you.

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{"id":20910617,"title":"Two Homes Swallowed by Florida Sinkholes","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials attempt to fill sinkhole with dirt after two houses collapse into it.","url":"/GMA/video/homes-swallowed-florida-sinkholes-20910617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}