New Hope in $500M Art Heist

FBI says it has ID'd suspects in 23-year-old case.
2:50 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for New Hope in $500M Art Heist
Turned out of one of the most famous art heists ever the FBI revealing that after more than two decades now. They think they know who pulled off a stunning robbery of thirteen pieces of art worth. Half a billion dollars from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum the theft happened way back in March. 1910980. ABC's Brian ross'. In fact been tracking the twists and turns in this story since then. And joins us now it looks like your long search is finally over we're getting closer justice has been a 23 year long game of cat and mouse between the FBI. And a long suspected gang of Boston are thieves with ties to local mobsters now this morning the FBI says there's new hope they're getting closer to cracking the case. The theft was time to the busiest day of the year for Boston Police Saint Patrick's Day. Just after 1 in the morning with -- party still going on downtown. Two thieves dressed as police talked their way into the side entrance of the tiny Gardner museum of art. In just 81 minutes they had perhaps the largest -- of stolen art in this country ever. There were no alarms and they methodically cut the selected -- means out of -- -- -- news. Three Rembrandts including his only known c.'s -- the storm on the Sea of Galilee and this masterpiece. Lady and gentleman in black. From another gallery one of only 31 known works by the Dutch master Vermeer the concert. Thirteen pieces at all an estimated 500 million dollars worth of art still missing. The empty -- -- left on the wall as a reminder of what happened. On the 23 anniversary of the -- we are pleased to announce. The FBI has made significant investigator progress -- the statute of limitations has passed but the FBI said Monday. Its agents have now figured out who stole the -- and we can say with a high degree of confidence that we believe we we know who is responsible for the theft. The FBI would not identify the things. But over the last three years agents have conducted a series of surges in Connecticut and Massachusetts. No art. But new leads as to its whereabouts perhaps offered for sale in Philadelphia. We don't know the sales ever consummated when we don't know if they're still down there they -- somewhere else. And now the FBI hopes a new round of publicity with a fancy web site and a five million dollar reward. Could produce to lead they need to finally close the case. The stolen paintings are so well known in the art world that the FBI in art experts figure they actually have very little value for the thieves too hot to handle even now 23 years later. As one agent Jeff Kelly put it they are worthless other than back on the walls of -- the disease track where they belong in our -- remarkable story -- -- up.

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{"id":18762123,"title":"New Hope in $500M Art Heist","duration":"2:50","description":"FBI says it has ID'd suspects in 23-year-old case.","url":"/GMA/video/hope-500m-art-heist-18762123","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}