Horse Racing Fans Prepare for Possible Triple Crown Winner

California Chrome prepares to race at the Belmont, could be first Triple Crown winner in decades.
3:39 | 06/07/14

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Transcript for Horse Racing Fans Prepare for Possible Triple Crown Winner
We've been talking about this all morning, for weeks, actually. The sport of kings, in the spotlight this morning. Horse racing could have its first triple crown winner in decades. Will California chrome be able to seal the deal at Belmont? Lindsay czarniak is at the track for us. Good morning, Lindsay. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. California chrome's camp very confident this morning. The horse is out for the morning jog at 5:30 this morning. His trainer, art Sherman, was here. How is California chrome doing? He said, happy. What does that mean in horse terms? That means lively. That's good for them because that's how he was before the first two legs of the triple crown. California chrome shines bright in the Kentucky derby. Reporter: California chrome keeps getting better and better. California chrome has won the preakness. Reporter: If he does it one more time, he'll become the best racehorse we have seen in 36 years. I'd be a happy man before I die. I think this one is going to do it. Reporter: This is California chrome this morning, going for his jog hours before he runs the biggest race of his life. The story is fit for Hollywood. Right down to its beginning, when two first-time breeders, Steve Coburn, and Perry martin, bought an average filly, for $8,000 and came away with a nickname that stuck. When him and I bought the filly, love the chase, chrome's mother. We were walking away. And somebody at the barn says, you guys are real dumb-asses if you buy this filly and race her. Reporter: They named their company D.A.P. Racing, dumb-ass partners, and that filly gave birth to a horse with a calm demeanor that captured the heart of America. If chrome wins today, that $10,000 total investment will be worth millions. California chrome may be the favorite. But the odds aren't necessarily in his favor. It's going to be a -- Reporter: The last to win a triple crown was affirmed, in 1978. 12 horses have fallen just short yet. Winning the first two legs of the triple crown and failing to win the third. These two have already cashed in on endorsements. According to ESPN's Darren rove Rovell, the horse has signed a deal with sketchers. While the riches would go to horse owners and trainer, the glory would go to jockey victor Espino Espinoza. A man who fell just short on war emblem in 2002. All that stands between Espinoza, the people's horse and history, is 1 1/2 miles at the Belmont. Jockey victor Espinoza said the first time he saw California chrome, it was like a beautiful woman walking into his life. I saw him this morning. He was on the horse when they took a jog. How are you feeling? He said, good. Obviously, he's feeling a little bit nervous. And you've got to imagine the butterflies that he came so close to that triple crown win just so many years ago. That is true, Lindsay. And speaking of beautiful, congratulations on baby zelana. If you need any tips, just call me. Reporter: I would love to. You guys are awesome. I'm also so interested in that report because I didn't know we were allowed to say dumb-ass on TV. That's liberating. ESPN can. "Gma" anchors can't. Thank you. And coming up on "Gma," "Pop news" after a quick break.

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{"id":24040133,"title":"Horse Racing Fans Prepare for Possible Triple Crown Winner","duration":"3:39","description":"California Chrome prepares to race at the Belmont, could be first Triple Crown winner in decades.","url":"/GMA/video/horse-racing-fans-prepare-triple-crown-winner-24040133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}