How to Host the Picture-Perfect New Year's Eve Party

DIY expert Jenni Radosevich shares creative decorating tips to help ring in the new year with style.
3:17 | 12/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Host the Picture-Perfect New Year's Eve Party
bang, bang ? It's day two of the "Gma" Pinterest perfect party series, you ring in the new year in style with the help of Pinterest. It's about decking out your home today. Here is the blogger and DIY expert, jenny. Welcome, happy new year. Thanks for coming in. Thank you. Step number one, photo booth. A big time photo booth can be expensive. But you have an inexpensive way to do it. Instead of renting one, make a super inexpensive one like this one. It's easy to make. Get the fringe from a party store or online. And tape to the wall or a foam board. And create the Chevron background. Looks like this takes a long time. But it's actually not -- No once it's hung, cut it and you're good to go. You have an idea how to spice up the pictures with -- Resolution board. This is yours. Yep. So easy to make with white board, contact paper. Cut it out and write on your resolution. That's the guest resolution. Everyone needs more cupcakes. I'm a new dad, get more sleep. So much more boring than yours. Got to have some cupcakes too. Can we do both? You have another way to spice it up. I'll hold the resolution. This is the -- It was about the imojis. If you get a text from me, there's one involved. And create the photo props. Use glitter paper. And then glue on a dowel on the back and then you have fun photo props to use in front of your backdr backdrop. I would hold one up, but I'm holding the cupcake resolution, I'm not going to let go. This is my favorite. I like it. And something else to deck the house out with. Yes, if you want to decorate from floor to ceiling, create these fun poofs. And they're so easy. Use tissue paper, stack a bunch together, do an accordion fold, cinch the middle, and start pulling them apart to make it fun. Everything you said, I don't know how to do. You got it. Not very crafty. And then hang them from the ceiling. Pretty impressive. How many would you put? I feel like you can cover the entire room. Balloons, fringe, this. It could be a great party. This is a great noise maker. Yes. I'm balloon obsessed. They're so fun and easy to make. All you need is a balloon, a funnel, and then fill it up with the confetti. And then helium and you create this amazing confetti balloon bouquet. That's clever. Do we get a chance to pop them. At midnight, the countdown. You have to pop them. Okay, I'm a little scared. Three, two, one. Nice, very well done. And by the way, if you're impressed, which I am, you can visit our Pinterest page at And tomorrow, back with delicious dishes and drinks to serve at your countdown to the new year. Thank you very much. Thank you very having me. We'll get rid of that. Part of the party. And the former chef for the british royal family shows us so

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"DIY expert Jenni Radosevich shares creative decorating tips to help ring in the new year with style.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27899574","title":"How to Host the Picture-Perfect New Year's Eve Party","url":"/GMA/video/host-picture-perfect-years-eve-party-27899574"}