Hot Hair Trends for 2016

Celebrity stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew reveals the hairstyles that will be trending in the new year.
2:33 | 12/31/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hot Hair Trends for 2016
the new year a lot of women are wondering how to wear their hair. Takisha Sturdivant is here with a look at what will be trending in 2016. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me. You style a lot of celebrities including Kerry Washington. What is her go to look? She likes to have a lot of texture, likes it messy and fun. You Teed up the first look. We're starting with some messy waves here. Yes. And our model brandy and see Jessica biel, Jessica alba rocking this look, Kerry Washington, so how do you get it. Very easy to do. You start off with a good foundation of a good shampoo and conditioner which gives her hair nice shine. I love to use newt tra Gina anti-residue shampoo and then I like to use their intense moisturizing deep conditioner which is their recovery. Asque and take a curling iron and wrap it around loosely and a flat iron to do had if sounds like there's a little effort involved. Next up is the lob. I had to ask what it is, a long bob. We know Kerry wore it beautifully at the emmys this year and saw it on Kate Middleton. Looks difficult. She has long hair actually so what I did was I took her hair and teased it and really good teasing brush and it gives the hair volume so I took large bobby pins and pinned it in places and let some fall in the front and on the sides. This is it like a bob is a longer version of a lob. A lob, okay. Yes, I learned something new today. The third trend is about the braids, there's Kerry Washington with the crown braid and then Emma stone and Hayden Panettiere all sporting braids. Marcia is wearing a textured braid. Can you tell us how you did it. I gave Marcia in one, Lupita is wearing braids and viola is wearing textured hair so gave her a headbrand brain and took a small curling iron and added texture to her hair andiced it out. Here it is. You mentioned viola and Lupita all sporting natural looks. Is that going to be a trend going into 2016. Oh, yes, a very bold statement and great trend for 2016. Lots and lots of texture. People are applauding for that, as well. Okay, I'm stuck behind a model so I'm just going to go.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Celebrity stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew reveals the hairstyles that will be trending in the new year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36027568","title":"Hot Hair Trends for 2016","url":"/GMA/video/hot-hair-trends-2016-36027568"}