Hottest Celebrity Wedding Trends editor Amy Odell talks celebrity weddings and shares her tips for the hottest trends.
5:09 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Hottest Celebrity Wedding Trends
I'm organizers are now. And by Samsung yeah I might -- and is now talking let me. Any hotel editor of cosmopolitan I did you like my -- And I say -- I'm gonna on this site -- -- -- -- that's obvious and had the good night. Well here's that they see you're getting married -- I am getting married yet in -- sincerely thank you also are bulking married very very quickly there's a lot of buzz a lot of trends and Sherry are almost on the planning. But the big celebrity weddings that what we're -- a lot of people are talking about yes I think there -- a lot of money in particular that everybody is really excited about aside from here is of course it's. We should be Kim Kardashian in Kanye West yeah -- report. Now -- -- -- yeah a lot creeping rumors going around about this flooding and I love following I'm sure they're all probably not really true -- Not don't want it came up last week that we thought -- -- -- that beyoncé it was going to be a bridesmaid to cap it. Yes which -- Don't Ask Don't Tell me it's not very good you know every other day there's that report that's uniting them go to weddings -- just want to be seen. -- OK so that's maybe we're eliminating that I would do if you don't wanna be seen that is not the place to keep. Without letting exactly I think everybody is gonna do it every detail that wedding in the right now -- -- know my friends are still humankind you we've also got the recent wedding is -- at least bridal -- news from Taylor -- Yes I absolutely love this story is that Hillary Clinton was slippery and I think really gives back to her hands. So one of her fans -- Gabriel sent her invitations about her wedding and bridal shower Taylor had not made. The wedding but she did surprise Gina I'm going to her bridal shower or consistency at CNN and yes she did a great -- -- her fans bottom line the brits went viral. That's -- touching. And she gave Tina a watercolor painting this as you know have a copy -- turns me now -- I know you Rivet will will you cover the baby but. -- -- then -- three years India has a season long meeting on I don't know -- and why now and -- and I both been enough to talk about the possibility of another royal wedding bands that could there be others out so well a lot of rumors going around of course of their way to orbit the royal family. I was so now -- -- -- talking about Prince Harry possibly getting used to his girlfriend model his hedonistic gorgeous. They're always -- to -- people -- to speculate. How -- Everett have come -- it's in our possibly more exciting which is that -- Middleton and might be getting engaged to her boyfriend that she doesn't like to leave behind it did -- that's -- The word is the royal family does not want to have taking any attention away from Kate and William. While they're doing their royal tour Australia New Zealand -- of -- yeah and really we talks yeah. Not that I'm sure that. And that -- grams of who thought. Sele and if we move all the celebrity weddings yet I think -- and it you know we just came off doing a bridal expo I have got to see all the trends the -- that this -- that what can you tell us that that is. On trend this season. OK so lots and lots of we're just sat back -- bridal Fashion Week one and my favorite trends. -- is statement backs they got says that happened just agrees with the fact I love that attack so when you turn around and you walk back to mountain village home. Let's that they see really as you're walking and it's even back and that is living thing out of an automatic and that I love it -- -- different is blessed pink. From leaving CNN a lot of celebrity weddings Caylee who does not recover -- -- working drafts. Just hand makes beautiful bride have believed as well -- -- you working it's a really great I actually think for Bryant wants to be traditional but still a little bit different. We -- I -- I can imagine because I tried on one that had at least a blessed something. And I just couldn't imagine my -- I don't know how it felt weird they -- and again that's ultimately I think the best advice having having you know I am married and and they're big decisions but -- the party right feel good it. Trust your guide. He truly who you are in your spirit to worry about transit the -- the -- it's a trend works with who you aren't. Then great and that's that's the Fed but you never looked back cadet who is that he's you know like I do -- -- see my school yearbooks and elect. -- flock of seagulls what happened on taxes and it's good to look -- that way. Phillies senior going to be -- this -- -- every day are you already do and that has -- lives. Yes every Tuesday at 4 o'clock rebroadcast. The editors its meaning -- -- dot com. It's called cause we're live and you're Chris Canty and an ethical views -- -- -- dot com. And sweet eyes with the hash -- -- alive today -- a special episode all about weddings and Bryant's. And we asked her followers for photos with the hassle a couple of -- so it's not too late -- -- sentiment we will show. On the parent network on. So there is granting get into those meetings again way and say that they candidate -- they did they get this -- advantage talked that I have a great answer that's that's we love dignity with our viewers it really helps you. You know sort of -- to share in the process and give ultimately People Magazine and television show that they want to thank you so much for coming -- yeah. Loved -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:09","description":" editor Amy Odell talks celebrity weddings and shares her tips for the hottest trends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23421206","title":"Hottest Celebrity Wedding Trends","url":"/GMA/video/hottest-celebrity-wedding-trends-23421206"}