House Speaker John Boehner to Resign

Speaker Boehner will resign from Congress at the end of October, his office confirmed to ABC News today.
2:32 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for House Speaker John Boehner to Resign
This is an ABC news special. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. Good morning everyone we are coming on the air right now because we have just learned that the speaker of the house John Boehner. Republican speaker of the masses just announce that he is residing on a right to our congressional correspondent chief. John Carlin John. The Pope has been under some planning to choosing the speaker has been under some pressure. From his caucus but he says this move was inspired by the Pulte. Cash she has been under intense pressure and that you saw George she was so emotional. With the pope's visit what you're saying what is people are telling us. It did the Pope inspired him two Q what was best for the congress what was best for the party what was best for the country not. Necessarily his own interest so in the interest of what he is saying is that the unity of the congress he would it was steps sides effective October he says that this move was inspired by the Pope with the other saying George. On is bid Peters sources and Peter's office told us that he actually intended to resign last year but when Eric cancer. I was forced out of congress but losing its primary that her kitchen was the number two when congress spots he not felt he needed to stay. Now he is under fire from the conservatives. In the Republican. House majority. Are you no longer has objectives control over over the majority of the congress because so many. Fabio of the conservatives simply don't. Simply don't take orders from leadership anymore and and he is he's leaving it's it's a pretty dramatic development. And Cokie Roberts is joined us as well want to move here Cokie being of course has been a man of the house for so many years we knew as John was saying. He was facing some fights it or talked about the idea that he wouldn't be coming back to serve but still the timing and believe. The timing is really Pope related there's just no question about that. This is something John Boehner is wanted for decades is to get a Pope there he got a poke their but he also got it just as members of his caucus but giving him unmitigated grief. And I think that day you know at some point you say what's the point why put up with this any longer. But it's gonna make life a whole lot harder for President Obama no question about that Cokie Roberts John Karl thanks very much we'll have much more had. On the West Coast and good when America for now back to renew program. This has been a special report. For meetings.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Speaker Boehner will resign from Congress at the end of October, his office confirmed to ABC News today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34034741","title":"House Speaker John Boehner to Resign","url":"/GMA/video/house-speaker-john-boehner-to-resign-34034741"}