Houston School Stabbing: 1 Dead, Several Injured

Three persons of interest are in custody after fight at Spring High School, police say.
3:55 | 09/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Houston School Stabbing: 1 Dead, Several Injured
Do you have for the bomb victims. One of the war is -- Our prayers and all of this go to that family. But we are handling the investigation. To get. Understood and resolved to -- -- We that this event. Started at approximately. 7:10. AM. -- -- the beating was the first agency to respond and was on site. Approximately within sixty. Seconds. There's got to sheriff's office all full responded immediately. -- -- after we were in the vicinity. When the call went out. We have. Three that they just. That our investigators. Are interviewing. Conducted. At the moment. We. Believe that. Eight. Confrontation of some sort heard. Around this that oh. That ultimately led him to -- If there's accommodation that produced. And now we need to be cutting estimates of -- -- -- weapons but we're still. Conducting that aspect of -- litigation. We are. We are asking. -- Anyone with information. To please. Contact there and -- Or to contact crime stoppers. Within the information that you -- In regards to. This particular scene who caused it. Equipment. And to be found. Anybody else that made it game ultimately -- want to make sure that they're all witnesses. And -- suspect. However we do believe that the suspects we have in custody the persons of interest. Now we haven't got. Or the only person of interest that we need to -- in custody. So our investigators are going through that. What we have already gone through some bit of information. Early on and we're at the point where we have. The two victims that have been transported. To Houston memorial with a minor injuries that we understand at this time. Houston northwest. And we have one person. That is at Hermann memorial. -- their condition is unknown we believe that there are in surgery as we speak. And then as -- -- just before it a person is the deceased. -- this -- person is. Seventy years of age all. The victims and all the persons of interest. Were students. -- Pius the there has banned. Some information. That this may have been gang related. Very dynamic scene. Investigators are collecting -- information. We'll work through that as we get through it but at this point we know that a confrontation occurred. We know that personal response that confrontation. Ultimately -- that the injuries that we believe were produced -- -- -- instrument and we have one deceased victim. At the time. The persons of interest are at -- -- county sheriff's office. Investigative reporter. With our investigators and that part of the investigation is ongoing.

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{"id":20155121,"title":"Houston School Stabbing: 1 Dead, Several Injured","duration":"3:55","description":"Three persons of interest are in custody after fight at Spring High School, police say.","url":"/GMA/video/houston-school-stabbing-dead-injured-20155121","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}