Hoverboard Battery Dangers Spur Oversight

Tony Le, found and CEO of hoverboard maker Glitek, shares tips for purchasing a safe hoverboard.
3:46 | 12/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hoverboard Battery Dangers Spur Oversight
Back with a new crackdown on one of the most popular gifts of the holiday. All those recent problems of hoverboards catching fire. Getting the attention of a lot of people. Jio Benitez has the story. Reporter: Hoverboards are burning up store shelves. In some cases, themselves. The government investigating ten fires across nine states. For no apparent reason, it just exploded. Reporter: Now questions about whether the lithium eyon batters powering them are causing them to overheat. And if some manufacturers are using lower-quality batteries. Be cautious about purchasing them on the internet. From overseas. Reporter: In a new report overnight, U.S. Customs and border protection says investigators have seized 164 hoverboards with take batteries or other counter fit marks. Various hoverboard brands are being tested to see what is causing the fire. Hole hi cow. Reporter: Reports say at least two burning hover boards were sold through vendors on Amazon. Now, the online retail giant says, until it can be proven that they meet safety standards, they're pulling some brands. Joining overstock.com, who just pulled all hoverboards. Swagway is one of the affected xaeps. They tell and they have not received any confirmed reports of any fire incident directly related to a genuine swagway product. And that safety is always on the fore pront. For "Good morning America," gio Benitez, ABC news, New York. Joining us is Tony lee. The founder and CEO of glide tech, who hasn't had any problems with the product. You see the video. I was on a flight from D.C. They made an announcement no hoverboards on board or checked baggage. People are considering this for a gift. What do you say? We sold thousands of these and had zero issues. The reason is, a lot of companies are trying to make a quick buck. They're using the cheapest Chinese batteries on the market today. The products we have are revolutionary. We spent a huge amount of battery technology. The it's the badderry that is the problem. How do they catch fire? A cheap Chinese battery doesn't have a board protection. It will never overheat. If it does, it shuts down the battery. How do you check? You don't want to rip it part. How do you know what kind of battery is in it? Deal with a reputable company. Make sure it's branded. Samsung, LG, Sony, if they don't say it, chance are it's a cheap battery. In some places like New York City, we're not allowed to have them on the streets. What is your advice to parents. Number one, deal with a reputable company. Headache sure that they're big and located in the U.S. Number two, buy a branded battery. Sony, LG, Samsung. Number three, make sure that all the boards come with a one-year warranty. That gives you an idea that it comes from a reputable company. Cheap batteries will not last past six months. Thank you, Tony. You can go to our website for more information on buying the proper hoverboards. Let's go inside to George.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Tony Le, found and CEO of hoverboard maker Glitek, shares tips for purchasing a safe hoverboard.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35753060","title":"Hoverboard Battery Dangers Spur Oversight","url":"/GMA/video/hoverboard-battery-dangers-spur-oversight-35753060"}