Howie Mandel Raises Awareness for AFib

The comedian stops by 'GMA Live' to talk about his educational campaign "Fibs or Facts."
8:02 | 10/28/13

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Transcript for Howie Mandel Raises Awareness for AFib
It's very special guest here to -- He's talking not a cause near and dear to his heart and many others. Quite literally non bell Mueller atrial fibrillation affects over five million Americans and greatly increases the chances drove a lot of people don't even know they have it. And -- get the word out and to join us and discuss. His -- I don't know where this man finds -- the arsenic giving here. How we -- now. I wish I hated -- -- yes I got out. -- -- very much what you talk about coming to this country I came from Canada so it was tough for me we'll learn the language. I only spoke Canadian when I first hear about it and I -- edit the pictures of ABC like. Here and now I have faith -- how do you -- eight had been spent a bit I don't know -- -- I've made my heart doesn't need -- irregular I don't have that same rhythm you don't think I. These guys it's a whole different rhythm. Like -- Miami sound machine. -- an -- -- -- yeah yeah I don't know what if you will don't know they have been and that is here that Harriet Harry block so how did you find out that you know I was just getting a check company guide went a -- let's -- to -- -- -- And my heart it is like at my normal resting heart rate is 170 which is -- supposed to be like six yeah. Right I don't I didn't feel I don't know we're in for me is normal -- -- -- thing is that he said like almost six million Americans and didn't let he knows it's probably even more -- don't know they have it so you want to figure it out you wanna learn about it. Go to kids or facts dot -- -- you take -- wins it all right -- -- no real but for your heart. But with okay like -- -- or fat. The hard hats wore. Lou Whitaker chambers fact -- that -- -- in fact fact. We YouTube and -- you don't know -- What is the -- it's funny for everybody that goes the -- are facts dot com. The -- dollar will be. Do you donated by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer. Today national stroke association because it you have this your five times -- five times the chance of having a stroke -- Bruins either in a learning experience other you know people are sitting in -- -- I think what's so what are some of them -- you got it GMA -- this is a warning -- I have had a other minute -- -- -- are ordered I didn't know that's the only you know. And it's not the -- not a heart valve problem it's really common you can live with -- -- talk to your doctor if I'm really I'm really healthy but if I didn't know. Trouble can be a Bruins this again this can I it is a lot of similar to talk about OK let's go. Deal with that deal with this is your new your new show and it's it's on TBS and that's the very -- it's it's there's a candid camera aspect it's a gala show needs candid camera so all the people sitting at a restaurant. We call one way they don't know and say it's a mother and a daughter we'll city wannabe game to win money -- -- right here. We'll give an earpiece they got to do whatever we tell them to do more my mind. -- we can say tell your daughter for 500 dollars you're leaving her father. You're pregnant and it's not hit and all the -- yeah and I kind of was apparently haven't you or your dog on a game that was going. -- -- This is my start little dogs -- it's going to look at. This is -- many yen a tiny county there and this is -- and the dog rescue. That we it and friend of ours aren't hopes to write my nap deputy CI when people say you were rescued -- -- what's it like on the edge of the cliff could be highly. Street -- I think this is a good thing to take a dog that me any worries down OK -- not what you have. You just want to point in the big all of my gosh I've been rescued no I'm not obviously addressing the -- and I. I don't know that a lot of dogs -- to be addressed. And I eyes caught up with the hope that those -- constantly this -- What do you what do you celebrate what is the -- What do the young girl could -- the fifteenth birthday can't. How does god have to see how it should not remember you something -- -- -- era. I've met she didn't we'd -- like to Wear gowns now seen that she really see why I'm feeling she loved it about the dog. What is that heightened -- yeah he's trying to get the world ought to have. I don't get this -- I don't quite get this off. -- this is that they're right it's. Still happy to an -- you go to. Kids are facts dot com one of the questions -- is due dogs like wearing club. The plant. Talk I can't see a deal with a young America's Got Talent gas -- -- still going to stand -- -- what are. 150 nights a year what did you do for -- Stand up inept other immediately primal scream at the end and there are no marks did no -- -- commercial to throw two no boundaries. If you see them playing near you come see me don't bring kids. Yeah -- -- -- and I just love it and accuse me in touch you know the be all across America -- in the nation in in front of a live audience kind of get a sense of what -- You're doing an immediate reaction there exactly what I love it I'd probably be got to Miami -- and I love I don't know the dates but I. And does not -- dinner you will be there Bible Belt -- near an agreement. On a tiny Barrett who thought he barely half seasoning adding I don't -- you could tell me because boot. How do you react to how his show and dishonored yeah DuPont in -- instead -- going to be -- veteran right to be right multiply like it to with college talent. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's bothered me about -- look at us regularly -- -- on your daughter got married my daughter is married actually I think he got -- -- -- twelve years old could let's not. I don't -- she's pregnant. Just -- how we -- you new -- -- right child dead were you a child I mean that's knees and I'm an old guy I am now sixty years alone. I'm 58 years old. They're my daughter has my beautiful daughter to -- -- away. I feel amazing you know -- 'cause I got the information I needed from my -- look -- Still ahead you don't back -- not cost is -- right here. He really don't want if you play not only deal weren't things -- of dollars donated to the national stroke association which is important it's very -- reveal about the fact that I -- five times more likely to have a stroke and you and that's incredible and -- -- you know we have all the signs look at everything here what I don't understand if this -- -- when it did it. I'll flats and -- at the grand stand out that's her granddaughter of doctor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And god took that case you know you don't have a granddaughter -- You should come back on mental health awareness and -- There's not a granddaughter. I don't think every mother or grandmother it like actress upfront about can't make it like it didn't get this. All of the wonderful and see how dirty do she's thirty yeah. He's wonderful 7007. Caliber of go to kids and back to my kids are back stock car -- -- -- he wanted to eat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My. He looks like and I do look at that you look like ray you look good -- I am I it's my battery pack it is an. It's like to see God's word limited's Wii about the stage effects that I'm -- -- now. It and is beautiful child. Tangible the second season a deal with it its TV as you can also get info for his upcoming tour dates -- Howie -- dot com you can also follow him. That Howie Mandell anything else to plug before we -- just look at this gorgeous little bland flat Casey.

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{"id":20702484,"title":"Howie Mandel Raises Awareness for AFib","duration":"8:02","description":"The comedian stops by 'GMA Live' to talk about his educational campaign \"Fibs or Facts.\"","url":"/GMA/video/howie-mandel-interview-2013-comedian-raises-awareness-afib-20702484","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}