'Hunger Games' Star Jeffrey Wright on Playing Beetee

The award-winning actor discusses the social commentary embedded in the film's plots.
3:00 | 11/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hunger Games' Star Jeffrey Wright on Playing Beetee
that the "Hunger games" is the bigger biggest movie in the country. Taking in a whopping $121 million. And I sat down with jeffy Wright who plays a tech wiz. Here he is in a scene arming katniss played by Jennifer Lawrence. Regular, insindiary, explosive arrows. All color-coded. And got a trident for him. When he's ready. Might just cure him -- cure him up. Let's -- not fire the red ones in here. These are interesting movies. They're not only really entertaining and thrilling, but there's a lot of commentary and social commentary embedded in the plot. Absolutely. I think that's what's most exciting about being a part of these films. They're big budget story telling and you have all the bells and whistles that you would expect from films of this scale. But at the same time they're geared for young audiences. And they're not cynical. They're not taking for granted the intelligence of the audience and trying to speak to real relevant and topical issues that are existing bouds of the sin Ya. What we find at this foiz in the story telling, a society at war with itself. We have questions on social media, she's asking if you could play another character other than your own, who would it be? You know, it wouldn't be Effie, I don't know if the wigs would suit me and the heels. I think peeta's story is fascinating and josh does a great job portraying him. It's a fantastically wild arc. It's like post-traumatic stress disorder, and a warrior deal with the consequences of war. And trying reclaim himself and the things this he loves and holds dear. I think it's a really thrilling character. I think maybe I'd tackle that one. One last question, this is a serious movie. But this is from Jessica, is it hard when you have mistakes to get back into serious mode? We ride the mistakes. It is only because everyone around you is, you know, kind of jabbing you about the mistake you made. Everything is so light-hearted. And it's really wonderful. It's a real lesson for me. Particularly coming from Jennifer. Yes, these are intense stories, but we're acting, you know? You know, do your work well, be committed to it. But have a good time doing it. I think that's probably a good idea for anyone, you know? Find what you love, do it well and enjoy it. Amen. Yeah. I'm a fan, a thrill to meet you. Appreciate it. "The hunger games: Mockingjay,

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The award-winning actor discusses the social commentary embedded in the film's plots. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27232491","title":"'Hunger Games' Star Jeffrey Wright on Playing Beetee","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-star-jeffrey-wright-playing-beetee-27232491"}