'Hunger Games' Stars Dazzle Red Carpet at London Premiere

Lara Spencer reports the latest in the "GMA" Pop Heat News Index.
2:19 | 11/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hunger Games' Stars Dazzle Red Carpet at London Premiere
It is 8:12. Time for "Pop news." Yes, finally time, the hunger games. It's here. The third installment, mockingjay, part I. They took on London for the world premier. Jefferson Lawrence in a stylish white dior dress. And heaping praise on her pals and co-stars. The Oscar winner calling the guys her angels and her kittens. The movie's out November 21st. They will be here first. Donald Sutherland on deck. And josh and Liam and Jennifer Lawrence all together. That is a try effect that of movie madness on Thursday. Do we have a picture? Queue up the picture of the ladies? There we were. A little sneak preview, thumbs up, ladies. It's like a jarring movie, is it not? On the edge of your seat. Take your eyes out of for a second -- Really. People were also taking -- Hey, George -- leave us out. Hey, George. You too, George. That's part seven. George and I are always in the future. Always ahead of everybody. They are. Hey, on the third -- we're going back now. 30th anniversary of the song " do they know it's Christmas" ? do they know it's Christmas time at all ? look at the cast. Some of the biggest names in music are coming together to remake it. It's being used to fight ebola. And the announcement is coming from musician and philanthropist bob gel doff. Bono is back, joined by one direction, Chris martin from cold play, ed shereen. I love you, ed. And so many more. People will be able to buy the new track as a physical record or download it. And it's this coming weekend. It's going to be great with ed. That's awesome. Can't stay math md at you.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Lara Spencer reports the latest in the \"GMA\" Pop Heat News Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26831789","title":"'Hunger Games' Stars Dazzle Red Carpet at London Premiere","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-stars-dazzle-red-carpet-london-premiere-26831789"}