Hurricane Harvey makes landfall overnight in Texas

The storm, now a Category 1, brings heavy rain and high winds to the Lone Star State.
5:53 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Harvey makes landfall overnight in Texas
Good morning on an historic and scare I Saturday morning. Paula is off. Glad to have ABC's Amy robach and chief meteorologist ginger zee alongside as we track this monster storm. Hurricane Harvey and its tortuously slow March along the gulf coast. You're looking here at the satellite image of where Harvey is right now. A category 1 hurricane about 30 miles southwest of Victoria, Texas. It came ashore overnight as a ferocious category 4 storm with wins of 130 miles per hour near rockport, Texas. 30 miles northeast of corpus Christi where the high school was heavily damaged. Images there. The strongest storm to hit the United States in 12 years and already it is dealing a devastating blow to the area. We cannot emphasize this point strongly enough. One-two punch. The traditional storm surge and high winds but after that we're talking about days and days and days of rain because this hurricane will be stuck in place. 16 inches of rain have fallen so far near Victoria, Texas, with widespread catastrophic flooding expected. Places, some places could see 20 to 30 to 35 inches in the coming days. On top of all that, there are tornado warnings and watches up right now. It is a lot to cover and so we have team coverage from Texas including all along the gulf coast and begin with ABC's rob Marciano who is in port lavaca, Texas. He has been on the dirty side, northeast side of that storm and has been dealing with heavy winds, stinging rain all morning long and it hasn't let up at all, rob. No, it hasn't. This is another surge of it. The center of this storm, quick look at the radar where it ends, just south and west, just south of Victoria. So we're pretty far away from that. Now on the back right side of it. This thing hammered rockport last night and Fulton devastating that town when the sun comes up I fear for what went down. There was barely anything three days ago. The situation escalating quickly. 100 miles an hour and these winds that I'm experiencing aren't even 100 mile an hour. You can imagine what it was like when it came on shore at 120, 130 miles an hour. This storm now they're taking the brunt of it and it is not letting up any time soon. The recap what happened last night. Overnight Harvey taking aim at Texas. A monster making landfall with category 4 winds extreme storm surge and torrential rains. In rockport, catastrophic damage across the city. The goliath storm destroying this hotel tearing off of roof. The walls collapsing with the force of the wind. Debris flying everywhere. Harr is no joke. Reporter: At this local high school a building completely wiped out. We are hearing that there are buildings down we have reports we can't confirm because we're unable to get people out on the street. It's a little too lapgous. Reporter: Leveling this gas station. Signs along the interstate ripped off and tossed to the ground. Hurricane Harvey came barrelling in packing winds of 130 miles per hour. Tearing apart these power lines. Watch as they ignite lighting up the neighborhood. In our hotel the staircases flood. The water still rising making it impossible to walk around. The water is surrounding us, the storm surge now has made us an island and you can hear the wind cranking up even more. In galveston county, this blazing house fire causing three homes to go up in flames. In Fulton ripping winds blasting through town tearing off rooftops leaving dozens of homes uninhappenable. Texas officials with a dire warning telling people who decided to ride out the storm, to write their names and social security numbers on their arms should they need to be identified. That is a sobering thought, isn't it? This is a sobering experience. I can tell you that right now. I took a couple of steps back to get farther away from the hotel I was staying at. That is sustained damage by the way, a new structure that it's coming off the rooftops coming off and some of the walls are being peeled off, as well and this back side of the storm that now is 100 miles an hour. I can barely stand up in it. Walking has to be absolutely -- you have to put your weight into it and obviously it's better to get closer to some structures and folks who live in the storm zone who decided to ride it out obviously peeking your head out the window like I'm doing you certainly pay the price for that. There is debris everywhere and it's going to be hard getting around when the sun comes up. That's going to be -- many issues folks here in Texas are going to be dealing with this morning. Dan and Amy. Rob, incredible reporting. We want to put out he is in a safe place. He is an experienced hurricane correspondent and he has been really taking one for the team this morning. Absolutely. He and his team as you said have covered many hurricanes before. They know how to stay safe in these situations and they have taken every precaution. We'll get back to you as this broadcast continues this morning.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"The storm, now a Category 1, brings heavy rain and high winds to the Lone Star State. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49433404","title":"Hurricane Harvey makes landfall overnight in Texas","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-harvey-makes-landfall-overnight-texas-49433404"}