Hurricane Maria slams the Caribbean

Maria, which hit Dominica as a Category 5 storm and tore roofs off homes there, is now barreling toward Puerto Rico, where officials are warning of "catastrophic damage."
5:04 | 09/19/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Maria slams the Caribbean
Quite a way there from Tim cook. MARIA is lashing the caribbean islands, category 5, the island of Guadeloupe hit overnight. Hit hard. The hurricane leaving disaster in its path making landfall as a category 5 storm in Dominica, the prime minister there rescued from the debris. He says so many homes around him have been destroyed, Michael. Yes, they have, robin. Sadly enough and take a look at hurricane MARIA from space. This video shows it approaching the island and now it's heading toward Puerto Rico where they're warning of catastrophic damage. Of course, it is not the only storm. Also watching another hurricane, Jose as it moves towards the northeast. Watches and warnings from Virginia to Maine. Lots of concerns about coastal flooding. Let's get right to ginger tracking both hurricane MARIA and Jose in our extreme weather center. Good morning. Good morning to you, robin. You know what, MARIA, the first category 5 hurricane to make landfall in Dominica ever. So we are watching that and we're going to give you the track. First we want to focus in. A lot are waking up on the east coast and saying what is up with Jose. It's still a couple hundred miles away from the coast, the piling of water has happened. Eight to ten foot waves in the central Jersey short. Islip up through Connecticut and Rhode Island up through plymouth, Massachusetts, and the warning and, of course, have to talk about beyond the piling of water this one, hurricane MARIA moves west-northwest. Next up the U.S. And British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico all in a hurricane warning and you can see as that track takes it just northeast of Puerto Rico and that landfall would put it close to farharta. Even in the parts of the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic and turns into the atlantic east of the Turks, east of the Bahamas and away from Florida and hopefully the Carolinas as we go into the weekend. We've got, of course, got to go to Puerto Rico because that's where rob Marciano is and it's been two decades almost since they've have had a land falling hurricane. What does it look like now. The sun is out. You wouldn't know there is a major hurricane cat 5 now south and east of us. The surf picking up just a little bit but people are going about their day having eight morning swim, a morning jog. It really wasn't until yesterday afternoon we started seeing people boarding up. There's going to be a surge that slams into area so starting to make prep but there wasn't a huge lack of urgency but today the anxiety level is rising and certainly after what they've seen was done to the leeward islands. Overnight hurricane MARIA pummeling the tiny island nation of Guadeloupe. Winds up to 160 miles per hour and intense rain already causing flooding. Thrashing waters in the neighboring island of martinique leaving boats bobbing violently in the seas. It's crazy. There's no flashlights. No battery, a lot of places are out of water. Reporter: The island of Dominica totally destroyed after the storm made landfall there as a category 5. The prime minister writing on Facebook, so far the winds have swept away the roofs of almost every person I've spoken to or otherwise made contact with. This is not a time for heroism. Reporter: MARIA now barreling towards Puerto Rico. People nervous, scared? Definitely. Reporter: Residents bracing for landfall. You got to be prepared for a week, week and a half. The rationing of water, milk and canned goods already beginning. But many areas simply won't be able to take a direct impact. Just outside some of these protective walls shantytowns exposed to the atlantic ocean and no match for a major hurricane. Residents who have stuck it out through hurricane Irma now ordered to abandon flood-prone areas. If not, you will die. All of the debris that's piled up behind me, we're worried about that becoming pro-correct tiles. Reporter: Other aisles in the hurricane's path still in ruins after Irma. Now preparing again for the worst. Not a lot of debris here from Irma. We just took a glancing blow but MARIA as you know will make a direct strike and winds off the water out of the north-northeast and all of these hotels that line the beaches are exposed to that hurricane wind. This hotel has hurricane resistant glass but not all of them do. The governor here admitting the infrastructure especially inland is poor. There are 450 shelters open and he's warning those who live in flood and wind-prone areas need to get to she's shelters today if they haven't already. Dominica has already felt the brunt of MARIA and I understand that we have been in contact with the prime minister's office there. We have, robin. They relayed this harrowing story where the prime minister, when he talked to his citizens when they told him about roofs being ripped off their home, the roof off his house has been ripped off. Now we lost contact with him and his team unable to reach them and that certainly is an uneasy feeling whenever anybody falls off the grid especially the prime minister of a country, robin. Absolutely, all right, rob, thank you. That is worrying.

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{"id":49946299,"title":"Hurricane Maria slams the Caribbean","duration":"5:04","description":"Maria, which hit Dominica as a Category 5 storm and tore roofs off homes there, is now barreling toward Puerto Rico, where officials are warning of \"catastrophic damage.\"","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-maria-slams-caribbean-49946299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}