Hurricane Matthew Hammers Florida

The Category 3 storm has left more than 300,000 without power and forced evacuations of over 3 million people from the Florida up to the North Carolina coasts.
3:05 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Hurricane Matthew Hammers Florida
More than three million people have been told to evacuate the storm will. Most likely be deemed most devastating hurricane to hit Jacksonville Florida in 118. Years. World news tonight anchor David Muir is their leading our coverage on the Florida coastline. Good morning to you David. Amy good morning to you and as you heard ginger say just as were on the air would Good Morning America this morning the western edge. Of that eye walls now brushing land near Cape Canaveral of course the concern there was the Kennedy Space Center and has it moves northward. This is the area right here in Jacksonville where they say the biggest threat is this storm surge they're concerned about a really up and down the coast and all the way up through the Carolinas. But it's right here where I'm standing where they're expecting up to eleven C Berger to show you. The dangers on the map of that at a moment but first here this morning to pictures coming in of this hurricane already. Or cheap Mathieu slamming into central Florida's coastline and four she'd this is going to kill people. We'd get some of the 150 miles per hour I'm almost white out conditions out there that hurricane high just a few miles now off Cape Canaveral. At least ten inches of rain expected you can. See the water crowd here at blanketed by this lame now. At Cooper 300000. Or weed out power at this hour. These transformers exploding in Vero Beach supplies dwindling hotels overbooked the National Guard now standing by. As Dervis parents bring their children to shelters like this one in Jupiter. Unconcerned about what's gonna happen in the house on where we're gonna go. Matthews pat changing plans in this popular vacation state and even forcing Disney World to close its gates for only the fourth time ever the park's 45 year history cruise ships docked and thousands of travelers stranded. With airports empty and boarded 3800 flights already canceled here in the US. Reported three million Americans now fleeing their homes from Florida to North Carolina. FEMA officials preparing to provide relief with state of emergency now declared in Florida Georgia North Carolina and South Carolina. The hurricane already devastating the Caribbean. Putting its path to the Bahamas as its force ripping the roofs went from this home. In Haiti a nation in crisis at least 122 dead. The Coast Guard doubt providing a clearer picture of home after home leveled. And again right here from Jacksonville Florida this morning this is where meteorologists say be very concerned about the storm surge. You can see the ferocity of the waves actually whipping up behind me already but take a look at the map this morning. And you can actually see the storm surge threat is up and down the coast the right here in the Jacksonville area seven to eleven feet. And keep in mind that simply the water. Above land that is the surge of water up to eleven feet that does not account for the waves that are expected to come crashing again. As the winds go counter clockwise around the eye of Matthew. As you saw three million Americans evacuated in this storm two and a half million school children home with their families this morn.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"The Category 3 storm has left more than 300,000 without power and forced evacuations of over 3 million people from the Florida up to the North Carolina coasts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42638140","title":"Hurricane Matthew Hammers Florida","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-matthew-hammers-florida-42638140"}