Coast Guard, Food Bank Deliver Thanksgiving to Sandy Victims

"GMA" anchor Sam Champion speaks with victims, volunteers of superstorm Sandy in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
2:48 | 11/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coast Guard, Food Bank Deliver Thanksgiving to Sandy Victims
Good morning, everybody. We are, by the way, we made it into red hook, brooklyn. This is one of the areas that was really hard-hit by sandy. You have to imagine about six foot of water coming over the edge. The water was right down there. With the coast guard, the new york city food bank. The food bank of new york city, is how the truck reads. Our friends, our next door neighbors in times square, virgil's, also sending out food for the folks this morning. So, we're giving out food all day long, to the folks who need it. You have to remember, this was the kind of storm that folks just weren't prepared for, no matter how prepared they were. As we get ready for thanksgiving, it really is about giving to folks who really are having a hard time getting their lives back together after the storm called sandy. Three weeks after hurricane sandy tore across the mid-atlantic, the devastation can be seen today. In the faces of those still homeless and hungry. There's a lot of people who don't have the means to get food. So, we're feeding thousands of people each day, across new york and new jersey. The american red cross is a lifeline for many of these victims, serving over 6 million meals to survivors of the storm. 90,000 were served in new york, on tuesday alone. The hot food, coming from makeshift kitchens like this one, in the devastated rockaways in queens, new york. Food banks, churches and charities are also doing their part to feed the hungry, with over 70,000 homes destroyed. And many thousands more damaged. The demand for a hot meal isn't expected to ease anytime soon. We're going to see snowbirds go up, as the recovery efforts really start to push forward. Reporter: But volunteers like this one from the southern baptist convention say they're happy to help. It's going out to the people, for a nice, hot meal. Cozy up a little bit. I'm sorry. This time, I'm going to pick up a microphone so you hear me. Mario, come on over for me. This is your home? This is your area, right? Thank you for being with us here this morning. Tell us, is the neighborhood back together? Are folkstill working around here? No. There's still a lot of things to do around this neighborhood. And your wife is not feeling so well right now? A cancer survivor. Right. Still going through treatment. And so, everybody here could use a little extra care for some folks around the city. Do you feel like you're getting some help around? Yeah. We've been getting some help. But you know, the more the merrier. And the better. We can give some folks a little bit of food on thanksgiving. And you can help them out. But they really need more help here in getting life back together. That's all over the jersey shore and the areas hit by sandy.

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{"id":17777569,"title":"Coast Guard, Food Bank Deliver Thanksgiving to Sandy Victims","duration":"2:48","description":"\"GMA\" anchor Sam Champion speaks with victims, volunteers of superstorm Sandy in Red Hook, Brooklyn.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-relief-coast-guard-food-bank-deliver-17777569","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}