Husband Blamed Wife for Clutter, Writes Washington Post Article

Clint Edwards explained his mistake in the article, "I Blamed My Wife for Our Messy House, I Was Wrong for Many Reasons."
3:47 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for Husband Blamed Wife for Clutter, Writes Washington Post Article
Finally one dad who learned an important lesson for all fathers. He learned it the hard way. Had a fight with his wife after blaming her for not keeping the house clean. Oh. We show you what happened. Fighting words. What happened here? Reporter: Kid, they may be small but their messes not so much. Just ask any "Modern family." Life is messy sometimes. Reporter: Melody's husband Clint admits he once blamed his wife for their messy home. My first thought was, you got one job. You got one job to clean the house. Reporter: Like many moms melody Edwards said she's so busy keeping a tidy home can be a challenge. More important for me to just ignore the housework sometimes and give my kids attention so they feel important. Reporter: But in a controversial new "Washington post" essay called "I played my wife for our messy house, I was wrong for many reason, Clint explains how he did a total 180. Melody and I had a pretty candid conversation about it and eventually she just said, I can either wash the dishes or I can, you know, help Nora learn how to walk. It's either this or that. Reporter: While many feel this article is spot on, the Edwards have also come under fire. One person writing there is never a good excuse for living in squalor or dirt. We still vacuum. Kids still have chores. We are tea not living in squalor. Reporter: Now with Clint helping with dinner and laundry, melody says life is easier. Though still a little messy. I don't look at my house that she did something wrong. It's evidence she had an important day. Reporter: Inspiring the clean freak in me to take a little break and enjoy what's most important. Maybe daddy will do the dishes tonight. Uh-huh. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, Los Angeles. Let's talk aboabout this now with Erica souter. People gem blame the wife for a messy home? We cover it all the time in the stir. Women feel trapped in thesant indicated notions about what it means to be a wife and mom. So much on our plate it's just not about cooking and cleaning and making sure there's toilet paper in the bathroom. Why do you think this struck such a chord? Is it that or because women are in many cases working? Yeah, a lot of cases women are bringing in 50% of the household income or spending just as much time with the kids that is important and this guy gets it and gets that we need help and speaking out about it. That's not something a lot of men have done. No, I agree and I have said this before. I am a neat freak myself but you know what, I foe when my kids are older and this has to be age appropriate. What about getting your kids to help. As you play, we don't move on to the next thing until we all clean and everybody clears the table and everybody helps with something. Sounds so good. I like that. I love it. But if you do it early on I really think they feel responsible. Yeah, I mean there are lots of things you can do. Number one, don't beat yourself up about not having a perfect house. Number two, delegate and ask the sitter, an older kid or your husband to help out and number three, don't compare yourself to the other mom who seems to have the perfect house. I guarantee you she is fretting about something. You can incentivize your children. You can. There's that. How do you incentivize? Their allowance. It's very important to spend time -- You don't agree with that? Don't invent advise? No, I mean, you know, of course, we do it but the chores are supposed to be something they just do because you're supposed to help out. Again, that sounds so good! Before you guys play with then, let's clean up but don't put that before special moments with your kids. That's something I have to remember more. We both are such neaties. Is that a word? Great story. Thank you so much. Coming up our audience is all

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{"id":24769904,"title":"Husband Blamed Wife for Clutter, Writes Washington Post Article","duration":"3:47","description":"Clint Edwards explained his mistake in the article, \"I Blamed My Wife for Our Messy House, I Was Wrong for Many Reasons.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/husband-blamed-wife-clutter-writes-washington-post-article-24769904","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}