Husband Says He's Freaked Out by Public Breastfeeding in New Documentary

Father admits to feeling embarrassed by wife breastfeeding in new movie "Breastmilk."
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for Husband Says He's Freaked Out by Public Breastfeeding in New Documentary
Now, we move on to an issue that always gets people talking. Nursing in public. In an upcoming movie, called "breast milk," examining the challenges for women who nurse their babies. And a husband who says he's embarrassed by it. Abc's paula faris has the story. Reporter: Talk show host and actress, ricki lake, in recent years, has spoken out about home childbirthing, is making air waves again. Will never necessarily feel normal. Reporter: This time, in an upcoming documentary, "breastmilk," due in the spring. Where she and the director explore breast-feeding. And it has couples across the country talking. Cave women felt guilty if one of their babies, for whatever reason, had trouble latching on. Reporter: But what folks are really latching on to is how uncomfortable breast-feeding can be for the dads. The fact that I am uncomfortable around a woman -- I can't -- I don't feel relaxed, when someone's breast-feeding. Reporter: And this father admits it's disturbing when women, including his own wife, don't cover up when dining out. Most people are like me. And they're embarrassed by it. It may disrupt their meal. Reporter: It set off a firestorm online. Comments on mommy blogs did not stay bottled up for long. Saying, I think he needs to grow up. This is feeding babies. Reporter: Others agree that women should be more private. I'm not saying you can't breast-feed in public. I certainly did. I'm saying, be discreet about it and have some manners. People are talking, which is the point of the documentary. Ricki lake telling abc news, i believe this film will start an important conversation about how we can better support all new mothers. And evolve to a place where breast-feeding is not so politically charged. This one, too. Reporter: Mother of two and cafe mom contributor, sasha, who breast fed both of her children, can only hope. The more that women do breast-feed in public and are able to do that, the better. The more it normalizes the situation. Reporter: For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. All right. Now, we want to know what you think. We asked the guys out there on twitter, does public breast-feeding make you uncomfortable. This isn't a guy? This is kristen m. Chug. Who cares what guys think about public breast-feeding. It's fe e's feeding a baby. There you go. Is there one more? No more? "Gma"? Breast-feeding in public is 100% okay, assuming the mom does what she can to cover up. As I've seen moms do. I would agree. I think you have to do it. And yeah. A little whatever. All is well. You can weigh in. Let us know what you think. "Breastmilk" will be in the theaters in the spring of 2014.

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{"id":20962775,"title":"Husband Says He's Freaked Out by Public Breastfeeding in New Documentary","duration":"3:00","description":"Father admits to feeling embarrassed by wife breastfeeding in new movie \"Breastmilk.\"","url":"/GMA/video/husband-freaked-public-breastfeeding-documentary-20962775","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}