IKEA Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A family says their 2-year-old son was crushed by a falling IKEA dresser.
2:01 | 01/08/16

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Transcript for IKEA Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Back now with the dangers of falling furniture. It is something that happens more often than you might think in homes with young children. And now IKEA is facing a new wrongful death suit because of it. ABC's Clayton Sandell has the details. Reporter: It's the hidden danger in countless American homes. Furniture tipping and falling on children. In two wrongful death lawsuits one filed days ago and another in may of last year, the family of Camden Ellis and kearney Collis both 2 say they were crushed by falling IKEA dressers. The lawsuits claim IKEA knew the furniture lacked counterbalancing weight causing the dresser to be top heavy and front heavy something IKEA denies. The federal government says it's not just IKEA, falling furniture and TVs send a child to the hospital every 24 minutes and every two weeks one is killed. I went to wake him from his nap at dinnertime and found him under his dresser. Last summer the cpsc and IKEA announced 27 million chest and dressers were potentially unsafe if unsecured. Instead of a recall they launched their secure it program giving away free anchor kits. We put this together and these are the brackets they say you must use in order to anchor it to the wall but it's voluntary and if you don't do it, this is what can happen. IKEA says it won't comment on the pending litigation but that they are committed to product safety and educating our customers about the need to properly secure chests of drawers to the wall. The anchor kits are not enough. The first thing they need to do is design in safety. The two families hoping to keep furniture billed as modern and inexpensive and deadly. Some stunning tape.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"A family says their 2-year-old son was crushed by a falling IKEA dresser.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36161000","title":"IKEA Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit","url":"/GMA/video/ikea-faces-wrongful-death-lawsuit-36161000"}