'Improv Everywhere' Creates 'Matrix' Battle in Macy's

Charlie Todd discusses his NYC prank collective's latest series "Movies in Real Life."
3:33 | 11/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Improv Everywhere' Creates 'Matrix' Battle in Macy's
It would probably everywhere it's a New York City based price collective which is what it sounds like creating scenes of chaos and scenes -- -- in public places. Great stuff here latest series. Missions called movies in real life where again you probably can guess they recreate famous movie -- But they do it amongst a very unsuspecting public I'll take a look at one of -- What's the longest kind of new jacket and thank you have to. Reveal all right through. -- -- -- Like more like kind of man whose grass got to come to warm jacket would come -- probably about a fifth. Go there. They're really likes and so this morning thank you get -- longer play in the kind of what I'm wearing like a man dressed right now it's I can't. You're ready. That means it's not a left right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When permanently we want a brilliant job Charlie -- And founder of him -- everywhere still all that's. Understandable there was a really fun one from the series so he brought -- -- into the Macy's right here right happen. Didn't tell the Macy's -- were coming in of course brought in about forty agents -- as well -- in a slow motion fight was so let me ask you what was their reaction what what don't we see big. You know I've done things in retail stores for years of progress been around for awhile and I've been kicked out of my fair share stories I would imagine sir please leave the premises yet I hear that a lot. But Macy's was great they've made together -- the took pictures and laughed at it and I think you know the secret of these things is to be quick. Be safe and to be funny anything positive that we did all those things and we got away with it. -- you have a new one back to the future. Over a million and a half views are getting involved fewer than seven days what do we do in sight of what what was the scene -- -- Her latest and -- movies in real life series we had a Delorean show up in the middle of Manhattan over the flat iron building that are. -- there are. I have identical twin actors playing Marty and Jennifer's EC one set of twins right -- -- up this morning -- -- Jennifer Parker right and what he's about to happen with the regular people and that plaza don't know is that these twins are about to walk out here that we're. Made time travel possible by using identical twins and I pray -- on the South -- it was not easy getting -- -- either. -- quite frankly I would be like please get away from me right now I -- I don't know what. You're doing would get away and the people play with you. Yeah I think people like it united somebody doesn't like -- they can just keep watching us as a lot of New Yorkers. But -- we want to create a special moment of what if you're just having coffee one day -- -- and all of -- sudden Marty and Jennifer Marty Jennifer for ten minutes in the future shut it. The -- every Tuesday morning kiwi we get a -- one. That's right every Tuesday off -- -- releasing a new movies and reliant on her YouTube channel due to dot com Sargent -- everywhere and we've got Jurassic Park in real life coming out to god and oh yeah. -- everybody Charlie.

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{"id":20776520,"title":"'Improv Everywhere' Creates 'Matrix' Battle in Macy's","duration":"3:33","description":"Charlie Todd discusses his NYC prank collective's latest series \"Movies in Real Life.\"","url":"/GMA/video/improv-creates-matrix-battle-macys-20776520","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}