What Will Michelle Obama Wear to the Inaugural Ball?

Deborah Roberts reports the latest on the first lady's outfits during inaugural ceremonies.
5:04 | 01/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Will Michelle Obama Wear to the Inaugural Ball?
That means all kinds of interest in what michelle obama, sasha and malia will wear for all of the inauguration parties. Deborah roberts is in washington. Reporter: Hey, george. All of the people here on the parade route interview, in a few hours to catch a glimpse of history. But many of you will tell you that they're just as excited to catch a glimpse of the stylish first lady. She's an icon for the modern american woman. Michelle obama has been a show-stopper in the designer gowns, j. Crew sweaters and chunky jewelry. She even got rave reviews on her 49th birthday bangs, from the president himself. I love her bangs. She looks good. She always looks good. Reporter: Yet, somehow, she comes off like your best girlfriend. Even dropping for push-ups on "ellen." You guys count. Reporter: She beats ellen, by the way. Wedding aside, this first lady is the first lady of fashion. She has a very accessible side of her, that allows women to go out and buy what she's wearing. But then, in the evening, she's the first lady, in all of the pomp and circumstance that's attached to that. ♪ At last ♪ Reporter: Who can forget that jason wu gown during the first inauguration. What she wears, there's always a certain pragmatism to it. It's never outrageous. It's never inappropriate. Reporter: Her frugal sensibility may endear her to most women, even down to her children. The green skirt sasha wore on election night, was first wore by malia in 2011. She is making a statement, that they are regular girls who are living exceptional lives. Reporter: Lives that will be on full display today. What will the girls and their mother wear? Now, if yesterday was any indication, she will probably stay american. That blue dress and cardigan, reid croykof. And michael kors. Will she go short or long for the inaugural ball? Let's see if we can get some answers. Joining us now, is kate bets, author of "everyday icon: Michelle obama." And one of her favorite designers. Thank you for being with us. Do you have the answer? What is mrs. Obama going to be wearing about? And will the bangs have imact on what she chooses? I don't have the answer. But I think she'll be wearing long. And I think the bangs are maybe a little of a distraction from the actual answer to the question about the gown. And maybe she did that on purpose. I don't know. She can keep everyone talking about her hair instead of her dress. That white gown, a jason wu gown. A hard one to stop. It was stunning. I think she'll probably wear something in a bright color. And we know that mrs. Obama has worn your clothes often. As a designer, do you have any ideas what she's going to wear? Do you know she's going to wear you ahead of time? Or are you surprised when you see it? I want to know how it felt to see mrs. Obama wearing one of your creations? I was elated. I'm proud. I'm an immigrant, I moved to the u.S. At 11 from thailand. It's part of the american dream. I know the obama girls, sasha and malia, are front and center on the fashion world. J. Crew came out last inauguration. What are we expecting from them? It seems like they're taking more fashion risks. Malia wore h&m to the concert on saturday night. Maybe it will be something like forever 21. Always acceptable, which is great. And michelle obama is a fashion icon for sure, now. How has her style evolved as first lady. And what do you think we'll see from her in the next four years? Her style is becoming more streamline. We're seeing less of the jewelry. A sleek silhouette. And that will go even more in that direction going forward. And more glamour at night. And thakoon, do you have mrs. Obama in mind when you're coming up with your latest designs? Absolutely. She's been a great fan. When I'm designing a dress, I'm always thinking of her. But also, the customers that are loyal to me, as well. All right. It is certainly going to be something to watch today, tonight. So many dresses to look for. Thank you for joining us. I know you're going to be sticking around with us. We'll have more photos of michelle obama's fashion through the years at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Check those out.

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{"id":18270951,"title":"What Will Michelle Obama Wear to the Inaugural Ball?","duration":"5:04","description":"Deborah Roberts reports the latest on the first lady's outfits during inaugural ceremonies.","url":"/GMA/video/inauguration-2013-michelle-obamas-fashion-inaugural-ball-18270951","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}