Increase in Shark Attacks Raises Safety Concerns

Questions emerge about what might be causing the spike in attacks.
1:54 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Increase in Shark Attacks Raises Safety Concerns
I am standing by the shark heads for a reason. All week long we're revealing exclusive sneak peeks from shark week and this morning, we're looking at the dangerous sides of these animals. Asking why shark attacks are spiking in Hawaii specifically. Remember when I was down there with all those sharks? Oh, my gosh. Oh, my god. Reporter: Well, I had company. Right next to me, that's Kala Alexander. Oh, my god. Wow! That was crazy. Reporter: Kala is an avid surfer passionate about the work he does with his foundation helping kids with disabilities learn to surf but a recent incident in the wears off his native Hawaii has drawn his attention elsewhere. Not too long ago my nephew got bit by a shark and there's been a rise in shark attacks in Hawaii and my pursuit was just to find out why. Reporter: In discovery's "Sha "Sharkageddon" he teams with marine biologists to examine why there's been a spike in shark attacks. Basically in the last two years there have been 22 attacks, so that's been four times as much attacks than any year previously recorded. Reporter: Is it a case of mistaken identity? His team put together a dangerous and stunning experiment. We actually did an experiment with a local marine biologist and we had him on the surfboard and had a fake turtle and the shark definitely went after the turtle. Look at that. There they go. There they go. There they go. Reporter: Leading them to an eye-opening discovery. It was really obvious when it had a choice between its Normal prey and you it went for its Normal prey. That was amazing. Really interesting stuff to come on that. I loved working with Kala. The discovery channel diving deeper into shark week all week and we'll have exclusive sneak peeks and a lot of fun like

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{"id":24959359,"title":"Increase in Shark Attacks Raises Safety Concerns","duration":"1:54","description":"Questions emerge about what might be causing the spike in attacks.","url":"/GMA/video/increase-shark-attacks-raises-safety-concerns-24959359","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}